Common Fashion Faux Pas That Really Reveal A Person's Age

What's on the front pages of magazines today will likely be relegated to the shredder in just a few years. It happens all the time, and while these once-popular fashion habits have been abandoned, there aren't many lining up to mourn them.

Overdone Fake Tan

Everyone loves a sun-kissed tan that makes a person look like they just got off the beach, but some of us take it to a place of orange. Try to avoid a botched spray tan whenever possible.


At first, they seemed like the perfect convergence of fashion and comfort. Now we know that jeans and leggings should exist in two different categories. Combining them is a major fashion faux pas.

Over-Plucked Eyebrows

In the 1990s, over-plucking your eyebrows was a popular look. However, most people today are practicing more self control with their tweezers, and opting for something thicker!

Hair That's Too Long

Many people are guilty of holding onto their locks well beyond the point of split ends. Rocking long hair is great, but when the strands get too long, consider a trim!