Pawn Stars’ Chumlee Pled Guilty In Court – And Here’s What It Means For The Show

Pawn Stars’ Chumlee deserves a big slice of the credit for the show’s enormous success. But when the goofy reality star pled guilty to two criminal charges, it put the future of the franchise in jeopardy. Could there ever be another season of the show without one of its biggest stars? And what had Chumlee been doing behind the scenes to end up in court?

Chumlee presents himself a certain way on camera. He’s the funny guy of Pawn Stars, and everybody seems to like him. But when accusations against the star came out, folks may have wondered if they had been duped by his on-screen persona. They were pretty serious charges, after all. They could even have been enough to spell the end of the show.

Chumlee’s later arrest made headlines, too. But the only thing that was clear at first? Chumlee was in big legal trouble. Spokespeople for the A&E Network and the History Channel wouldn’t even comment on the case to the media. And fans of Pawn Stars may have been forgiven for wondering where it had all gone wrong.

Well, some of Chumlee’s questionable antics could be connected to his rocky start in life. For example, in high school, the star apparently had a habit of paying other students to do his homework for him. And perhaps unsurprisingly, this led to him eventually dropping out of the education system.

Chumlee got his famous nickname at around the same time. But the story behind that isn’t cute, either. It’s a reference to Chumley – a character from the ’60s cartoon Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales. And he’s a rather portly walrus. Ouch.