A trip to the grocery store usually means one thing: stocking up on the foodstuffs we enjoy eating throughout the week. However, the food we buy can sometimes have other uses—and we’re not talking about cool new recipes.

“Preposterous!” you say. “Peanut butter is a tasty treat! It’s a good source of protein!” True, but it’s so much more. Limited thinking like that is actually doing everyone’s favorite nut spread a serious disservice!

So while peanut butter certainly ups the ante on any jelly sandwich, and it makes for a great surprise ingredient in your favorite brownie recipe, its real usefulness lies outside the kitchen. Here are eight unusual—yet brilliant—uses for that jar of peanut butter in the cupboard.

Did you know that the jar of peanut butter sitting in your kitchen right now can be used for so much more than making lunch for the kids? It’s true! Peanut butter is one of the most versatile food products around—and not just for consuming.

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1. For starters, peanut butter can help detach stubborn gobs of chewing gum that are stuck to any surface. Just smear a generous amount all over the gum, and the oil will help loosen it. This hack works especially well on clothing and hair.

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2. Peanut butter can also be used to clean your leather furniture. To restore that nice healthy shine, apply a little bit of peanut butter onto a clean rag or shammy cloth. Buff your furniture as usual, and watch as the marks and scratches disappear. Plus, it leaves a lovely scent once you wipe away the excess.

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3. Did you whip up a delicious dinner but now the pungent odor of onions has your nose feeling miserable? Peanut butter can help! Just add a tablespoon to the stinky pan in question and it let it cook for a minute. Presto, the smell has vanished!

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4. If you have a hinge that won’t stop squeaking—and you’re fresh out of mechanic’s oil—just use peanut butter. It might not halt rust, but it’ll stop the annoying squeak, no problem.

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5. Peanut butter is great for pest control, too. Everybody loves peanut butter, and we do mean everybody. While it’s common to associate mice with a love for cheese, they are actually far more fond of peanut butter. Smear some on a trap and you’ll catch that critter in no time. It’s also harder for them to stealthily pluck it off the trap.

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6. Is your prized collection of DVDs and CDs full of scratches? Peanut butter can actually help smooth the discs’ surfaces. Apply half of a teaspoon, buff, and then rinse away the excess butter.

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7. If you enjoy watching the birds in your yard—and you’ve got lots of extra peanut butter on your hands—try swirling a few tablespoons into birdseed for a surefire way to keep them happy, full, and coming back for more! Hey, maybe they’ll even tweet about it.
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8. Finally, if you ever run out of shaving cream—but need to make sure your 5 o’clock shadow is gone when you head into the office—just slather on some peanut butter. It sounds weird, but it really does make shaving a breeze, not to mention it’ll leave your skin feeling super moisturized to boot!
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Who knew that there were so many different uses for peanut butter? If it can do all of these things, what else could it be capable of?

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