If You Ever Find A Penny Jammed In Your Car Door Handle, Stop Everything And Remove It.

Just when we think we've found a way to protect our most prized possessions from thieves and robbers, they come up with new ways to steal things. It's a never-ending cycle.

The latest trickery employed by society's underlings is so devious it's almost genius, and all it takes is a penny, your car door, and a blind eye. You're going to want to see this.

When you get in your car in the morning, you might want to start checking the passenger side door for something strange.
Car thieves have recently come up with a devious new way to steal your vehicle.
It involves putting a penny or another coin in the car door handle just like this:
You probably wouldn't notice it on the passenger side or one of the rear doors, but when you go to lock your car, the coin will keep that door from locking properly, leaving the door open for thieves.