Horses are some of the most noble creatures on this planet. Their tremendous beauty and power make them an animal that perfectly embodies America: they are strong, stunning, and free.

There is one horse that stands heads and tails above the rest… literally! The Percheron horse is the largest equine breed in the world. But there’s more to this amazing animal than meets the eye…

If you thought all horses were equally majestic, then you haven’t seen a Percheron.


Percheron horses first appeared during the middle ages, when Europeans began breeding Arab stallions with mares in La Perche, France. These horses were most commonly used by knights fighting in the crusades.


Percheron horses arrived in America in 1839. They were employed as draft horses on farms, often doing the jobs that would later be executed by powerful machines.


Percheron horses usually stand at six or seven feet tall, and can weigh as much as 2,600 pounds!


Despite their frighteningly large size, these horses are actually quite gentle and loving. They’re also intelligent and eager to be put to work.


Percheron horses are still used by some organic farmers in lieu of gasoline-powered equipment to make for a greener experience.


Still, it’s more common to find them in a family stable, where they make excellent (if massive) pets.


These giant, beautiful horses are timeless. Surely we’ll be enjoying their beauty and admiring their strength for years to come!


Have you ever seen such beautiful horses before? They almost look like something from another world. It’d be so amazing to see one in person!

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