According To Science, This Is The Most Perfect Road Trip You Can Possibly Take.

The American road trip is a dream that almost everyone has had at one point or another. From Steinbeck to Kerouac, countless individuals have attempted to capture the oft-spoken elegance and sprawling wonder of the North American country known as the United States of America.

Yet, the journey across, around and amidst the states remains as daunting as ever. Until now.

Discovery News, with the help of Michigan State University doctoral candidate, Randy Olson, posed the question: is there such a thing as the perfect American road trip? According to their findings, there is.
So, get your buddies together. This route not only takes you all over the USA but also hits landmarks in each and every contiguous state.
You probably already have the perfect playlist ready, but now you have the perfect expedition to go along with it. This route is the most efficient way to see the most stuff on one trip.
Created using a sophisticated algorithm, this path allows you to start in any state - just hop on at the point that runs through yours and keep going until you're back at your starting point!