Wild Photos That Captured The Unseen Side Of Familiar Objects

You've never seen these everyday objects quite like this before! Just when you think life can't surprise you anymore, you find yourself up close and personal with an elephant tail, or inches away from a rarely-seen baby flamingo that's hiding something shocking in its feathers. Even the most ordinary items look dangerous, unrecognizable, or downright weird under the right circumstances, and as this list shows, their unseen sides can be really odd.

Inside Space Mountain

Without its daily sprinkling of pixie dust, Space Mountain looks less intergalactic and more mechanical. While you’re whipping around the pitch-black cosmos during the ride, this is really what you’re flying through! So this is why they tell you to keep all of your limbs inside the vehicle at all times...

Poor Ronald!

Shield your children — and maybe even yourself — from this very unsettling sight: Ronald McDonald without his face! Honestly, the McDonald’s mascot is a little creepy even with his characteristic clown appearance. In reality, this is just the molding cast for a Ronald McDonald statue, so there’s nothing to fear...probably.

Legs For Days

Look at this leggy baby! Everyone knows that flamingos are bright pink with long, strong legs, but we didn’t expect to see a fluffy baby flamingo with such impressive gams. This little guy’s family better watch out for him — with legs like that, he’ll be wreaking havoc soon enough!


Pearls are usually admired for their outer beauty, but they’re just as beautiful on the inside — if you’re willing to take a hammer to them, that is. Pearls are formed when contaminants enter an oyster’s shell and combine with calcium deposits. It doesn’t sound very pretty, but the end product always is.