The universe is full of captivating photography begging for your attention. They seemingly scream “look at me!” right from your browser. On the other hand, there’s an unsettlingly equal number of photos out there that just make you say “nope—no thanks!”

And yet we look anyway. See, sometimes, it’s just fun to be scared, startled, or creeped out. It’s like watching a horror film. Regardless of what brought you here, you’re definitely not going to want to miss any of these 19 nope-worthy images!

However, you might just want to make sure that you’re sitting down first…

1. On a hot summer’s day, there’s nothing quite like sitting down, kicking back, and relaxing with an ice-cold can of… snake?! Well, never mind. Something like that is definitely enough to ruin your entire day.

jmyeahx / Reddit

2. Speaking of snakes… it’s definitely a good thing that whoever was playing golf here decided to look in the hole before they did any putting. Can you imagine what could have happened if he just blindly reached in to get the ball?

3. Even when you consider all of the other gross things that you can find in a public bathroom, none of it compares to finding a fresh roll of toilet paper covered in spiders. Hopefully nobody tried to wipe with this stuff!

4. It’s long been true that, statistically speaking, flying is the safest way to travel. Even then, however, nothing can ruin your travel experience faster than the sight of a plane that appears to have been repaired with duct tape!

5. It’s not entirely clear which direction this escalator was going (or, for that matter, if it was simply broken and became an ordinary flight of stairs). But if it was heading up, is it now just a conveyor belt toward certain doom?

6. It’s hard to say what is happening here exactly, but it certainly looks as if somebody… somehow… is sprinting across the face of that cliff! Whoever is crazy enough to do that must be really brave!


7. This GIF seemingly evokes two competing emotions. On the one hand, it’s natural to be impressed by this person’s bravery (and extraordinary balance). On the other… why on Earth would somebody want to do this in the first place?

8. It may take a moment to realize what’s wrong with this picture, but once you do, it’s impossible not to get freaked out. Do you see it yet? (Here’s a hint: look under the mirror.) This must be Australia, right?

9. Somebody should definitely call animal control about this! It’s bad enough for residents to have to run into a hungry bear while taking out the garbage, but what about the city’s trash collectors? Won’t someone think of the garbage men?

10. What is even happening here? At first it looks innocent enough as a person walks through a swimming pool, but then… the pool extends over the city street. Where is this magical pool located? Would you ever try it?

11. You have to give this spider credit for trying so hard to (literally) hang on for dear life, but just look at those long, spindly legs! Still, someone should have grabbed a stick and lent a hand.

12. Hey, do you know what’s a good ingredient for a delicious, healthy meal? Why, that would be cauliflower, of course! Do you know what’s not? Snakes. You definitely don’t want to mix them into your vegetables.

13. Again with the snakes. Most people don’t think twice about reaching for the handle at the gas pump and filling up their tank. Maybe you consider springing for premium, but otherwise it doesn’t take much thought. But, evidently you should be checking for slithery creatures now, too…

14. Part of what makes this photo so frightening is not just the spider himself, but how inconspicuous he would be if you were simply heading to the water fountain for a quick drink on a hot day. You might not even notice!

15. Bananas are great! They’re healthy, delicious, and full of potassium. You can eat them on their own or use them in recipes like fruit smoothies or banana bread. The same cannot be said about tarantulas, however.

16. This is horrifying, and it’s a miracle that this brave soul survived. Part of what makes it so amazing is that brief pause before this person walked that plank, as if they were thinking, “is this really worth the risk?”

17. Brushing your teeth is an important and simple activity that should be performed at least twice a day to keep your mouth healthy. Surely, though, your dentist would understand skipping the one day you find a giant bug sharing your toothbrush!

18. This guy looks surprisingly relaxed for a man who can easily fall to his death with just one wrong move. It also begs the question of how how managed to get himself up there in the first place…

19. Whatever it is that’s happening here, you can certainly be forgiven for not liking it one little bit. The fact that this man is barefoot and can presumably slip pretty easily just makes it so much worse. People are crazy!


As fascinating as all of these photos are, nobody could blame you for feeling relieved that all of these “nope” photos are over… for now at least! Now, it’s time to skeedaddle—just like this octopus!

Good luck erasing any of these images from your brain! Which one freaked you out the most?

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