Our wonderful planet is filled with so much indescribable beauty that a single lifetime won’t be enough to truly experience all of it. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try! So grab a piece of paper (or your iPhone), and start working on that bucket list.

To get you started on the right path, here are 50 incredible places around the world that no bucket list would be complete without!

1. The vast library of Alexandria in Egypt.

01-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Egypt-The-Library-of-Alexandria2. The beautiful and colorful Nasir-Ol-Molk Mosque in Iran.


3. You’ll feel like a king in Italy’s Santa Maria Dell’Isola.

03-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Italy-Santa-Maria-Dell-Isola4. This psychedelic salt mine in Russia is a wonder to behold.

04-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Russia-Psychedelic-Salt-Mine5. The Lion Rock in Sri Lanka is so cool.


6. The engulfed city of Shi Cheng might just be for the brave of heart. 06-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-China-Engulfed-City-Of-Shi-Cheng

7. The Kansas City Public Library is a cozy nook for book lovers. 07-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-USA-Kansas-City-Public-Library8.  Canada’s Montreal Botanical Garden pays homage to flora and fauna in the most creative and organic way.


9. This 91 meters high spiral staircase in the Taihang Mountains, China, will take you for a spin.09-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-China-Spiral-Staircase

10. Located in the mountains of Saxon Switzerland Elbe in Germany, the Bastei Bridge is built on top of a gorgeous rock formation.10-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Germany-Bastei-Bridge

11. A trip to Procida, the least touristy island in the Bay of Naples, will land you in a small town with only 10,000 inhabitants. 11-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Italy-Small-Island-Of-Procida

12. Western Australia’s Lake Hillier is notable for its pink color. Even scientists aren’t sure why it has that color, although there are a number of theories.12-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Western-Australia-Pink-Lake-Middle-Island

13. The Lena Pillars Nature Park in Russia can be seen in Central Yakutia. Wow!13-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Russia-Lena-Pillars-National-Park14. Though originally constructed as a film set of the 1980 musical production Popeye, the Popeye Village in Malta has grown to be much more than that. It is now an open-air museum and family entertainment complex – complete with theme park, boat rides and food outlets.


15. Fervedouro is a hidden gem located near the village Mateiros in Brazil. If you’re up for a swim in a natural swimming pool,, this is your best bet.15-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Brazil-Natural-White-Sand-Pool-Of-Fervedouro

16. Fes is a wonderful city in Morocco filled with souks that sell just about everything. Love to bargain? This is your dream come true.16-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Morocco-Souk-Of-Fez17.  Look a little familiar? The Alcazar de Segovia is rumored to be the inspiration for Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World.

17-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Spain-Alcazar-Of-Segovia18. You can pass by the Litlanesfoss falls in Iceland on the hike to Hengifoss, but it sure is a beauty on its own.

18-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Iceland-Litlanesfoss-Falls19. L’Arche Percée de Chartreuse is a double arch located in the Alps which was only discovered in 2005. Isn’t it amazing that there are still places in the world left to be found?

19-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-France-L-Arche-Percee-De-Chartreuse20. This little medieval Italian village is the site of many movies because of its unique landscape, but the abandoned town of Craco is long uninhabited.


21. The Fly Geyser is the result of well-drilling in 1964. It is located in a private ranch in Nevada, but due to its huge size, it can actually be seen from the road.

21-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-United-States-The-Fly-Geyser22. Looking to escape the crowd? A trip to Marieta Islands, a group of uninhabited islands off the coast of Nayarit, Mexico, may be the rejuvenation you need.

22-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Mexico-Marieta-Island23. It’s so vibrant it looks like a drawing! But this is the real deal: the overhanging gardens of Marqueyssac in France sits atop a hill overlooking the Dordogne River.

23-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-France-Gardens-Of-Marqueyssac24. The incredible lights in this reclaimed park will give you a festive feeling everytime. The Gardens By The Bay in Singapore is not a sight to miss.

24-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Singapore-Park-Gardens-By-The-Bay25. The picturesque desert oasis of Huacachina in Peru has a population of 115. Built around a natural lake, it’s a popular spot for tourists.

25-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Peru-Oasis-Of-Huacachina26. Locally referred to as “The Green Island”, the Sao Miguel Island in Portugal is the Azores archipel’s most populated island.

26-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Portugal-Sao-Miguel-Island27. Scuba diving enthusiast? The Great Blue Hole in Belize if for you.

27-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Belize-The-Great-Blue-Hole28. Dining on bamboo tables? Check. Incredible waterfall view? Check. Water under your feet? Only in Labassin Waterfalls Restaurant in the Philippines.

28-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Philippines-Labassin-Waterfall-Restaurant29. Soviet petroleum engineers lighted this natural gas field in Turkmenistan. Since then, the aptly named ‘Door to Hell’ has been continuously burning.

29-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Turkmenistan-The-Door-To-Hell30. The ancient town of Myra located in modern day Turkey.


31. The Blagaj Tekke in Bosnia and Herzegovina was built before 1664, and has been subsequently repaired on numerous occasions, but its original architecture has been preserved.

31-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Bosnia-Herzegovina-Small-Town-Of-Blagaj32.  Inhospitable to most animals, the high salinity of Lake Netron in Tanzania gives it its unique color.

32-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Tanzania-Lake-Netron33.  Remember Mr. Fredricksen’s dream destination in “Up”? It was based on Mount Roraima, the highest mountain in the Pakaraima chain in Venezuela.

33-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Mount-Roraima-Venezuela34. The local Daican culture in Romania where the Merry Cemetery is located, believes that death is a moment filled with joy in anticipation for a better life.

34-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Romania-Sapanta-Merry-Cemetery35. The Chand Baori in India is famous for being one of the deepest and largest stepwells in the country

35-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-India-Chand-Baori36.  One of the more recently made attractions in this list, the Umbrella Sky Project in Portugal was installed last 2012.  It’s a colorful must see!

36-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Portugal-Agueda-Colorful-Umbrellas37. Known as the White Temple, the  magnificent Wat Rong Khun in Thailand is a Buddhist temple designed by Chalermchai Kositpipat in 1997.

37-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Thailand-White-Temple-Wat-Rong-Khun38. A trip to Colorado won’t be complete without visiting the historic Bishop Castle. Constructed as a family cottage in 1969, it has now grown into a castle.


39.  The Fort of the Berlengas in Portugal was built to protect the municipality located on the coast.

39-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Portugal-Fort-of-Sao-Joao-Baptista40. Notice that religious monasteries tend to have the best views? The Paro Takstang in Bhutan is no exception.

40-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Bhutan-Monastery-Taktshang41. Up for a little Eat, Pray, Love? Find peace in the Phraya Nakhon Cave,  located inside the Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park in Thailand.

41-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Thailand-Phraya-Nakhon-Cave42.  The Fort Bourtange in The Netherlands is a star fort built in 1953 on the orders of William the Silent. Today it is a historical museum.

42-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Netherlands-Fort-Bourtange43.  You know the food is going to be good, and now the view is rocking too. The Grotta Palazzese in Southern Italy gives you a unique dining experience inside a cave.

43-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Italy-Cliff-Restaurant44.  The tallest pre-modern statue in the world is the Leshan Giant Buddha, a monumental statue of Buddha carved into the cliff of Mount Lingyun, Sichuan, China.

44-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Sichuan-Leshan-Giant-Buddha45. Le Moulin de l’Abbayeis is a luxury hotel wreathed in ivy. Feel all sorts of European bliss while staying in the “Venice of the Périgord”, located in Brantome-en-Perigord, France.

45-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-France-Le-Moulin-De-L-Aabaye46.  The Quinta da Regaleria is another one of Portugal’s finest tourist attractions.

46-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Portugal-Palace-Regaleria47.  If a dive into crystal clear water (that’s not so deep!) is your thing, a visit to Samoa is in order. The “To Sua Ocean” is a tiny paradise located in the village of Lotofaga.


48.  Jeju-do Island is one of South Korea’s most popular sites.

48-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-South-Korea-Jeju-Do-Island49.  The peak of the Crimean Mountains, Ai-Petri is one of the windiest places in Crimea. A cable car takes you to and from the main area.

49-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die-Ukraine-Russia-Mount-Al-Petri50.  An ancient city located in Burma, Bagan is a great place to do some soul searching.


Bonus: number 51 is Zhangye Danxia mountains in China, which were formed on red terrigenous sedimentary layers that have been eroded for 24 million years.


Source: Imgur

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