Plastic surgery can be tricky. For some people, it’s a way of getting rid of little flaws and imperfections to make themselves feel more confident; for others, plastic surgery can become an addiction. Chasing an ideal appearance can take a normal, healthy adult to the point of looking totally unnatural.

There are all sorts of strange plastic surgery procedures that address a variety of cosmetic issues, both real and imagined, and here we’ve gathered some of the ones that are most difficult to believe actually exist!

1. A popular procedure in India is leg extension surgery. It involves a lot of pain for very few inches gained.

surgery-1Twitter / @fathinmathshahin

2. If you’re unhappy with your eyelashes, you can always get an eyelash transplant, but don’t count on them growing normally afterward…

surgery-2Youtube / Jeffrey Epstein, MD, FACS

3. A popular procedure for dieters in Venezuela is getting a “tongue patch,” a flap of skin sewn onto the tongue that makes solid food painful to eat…which seems like overkill.

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4. If you don’t have dimples, you can get artificial ones made fairly painlessly, but they tend to fade away with time, so you might have to re-up your dimples at some point.

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5. Some people who place a lot of stock in the significance of palm lines and other aspects of palmistry will actually pay to get lines added or removed from their palms. Superstition gone overboard?

6. If you want six-pack abs but don’t want to work for them, you can get implants, but they’ll quickly disappear if you put on more weight!

7. We speak metaphorically about a gleam in one’s eye, but if you literally want your eyes to sparkle, you can get eyeball implants. Just don’t get anything you’ll regret later!

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8. In the same vein, if you want to permanently lighten your eyes, there’s a new procedure called BrightOcular that will help you out!


9. If you’re a guy who’s insecure about your inability to grow facial hair, a beard transplant is always an option, and supposedly it grows like normal afterwards!

10. Men who suffer from gynecomastia, or the overgrowth of male breast tissue, can get a breast reduction surgery, but they may be better off determining whether it’s actually the result of a hormonal or weight issue and addressing that before going under the knife.

11. Some people who dislike their uneven toe length will get corrective surgery.

surgery-11Blogspot / Embarrassing Long Toes

12. For people who are concerned with the way their tone of voice changes as they get older, there is such a thing as a vocal cord lift, though like a few of these other surgeries, the results tend to fade away with time.

13. Though we can’t think of any particularly good reason to move your nose from the front of your face to your forehead, if you’ve ever been curious whether such a thing is possible, now you know!

14. If your dog has had his testicles removed, but you’re concerned that he doesn’t look particularly manly without them, plus you have lots of extra money to spend, you can always get him a fake pair sewn on!

15. For women who don’t feel that sex is pleasurable enough, there’s the “G-shot,” a collagen-filler injection that for $1000 offers a 50/50 chance of improving the situation. With those odds, is it worth a shot?

A lot of these seem far-fetched. It’s unbelievable what people will pay for!

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