40+ Out-Of-The-Ordinary Parenting Hacks That Work Wonders

Your baby is crying. Your toddler is spilling applesauce all over his shirt and dropping his sippy cup on the floor. Your 7-year-old daughter is playing hair salon in the basement while blasting pop music, and it's up to you to care for them all. Parenting is hard, and there is no rule book to follow — that’s why all the moms and dads have to help one another out. Luckily, where there is a will, there’s a hack to make your life so much easier. These inventive tricks will change your life and have you trying things you never thought of before — like setting up an inflatable pool inside your bathroom!

1. Beating the heat

Toddlers are hard to watch, even when there aren't dangers lying around every corner. This dad came up with a genius way to barbecue so that his curious toddler can still roam without getting too close to the hot coals.

2. The sandman

Children love playing in sandboxes, and you love when your child is occupied. The downside, though, is boxes are very hard to keep covered and clean. If you purchase a small tent and fill it with sand, you can zip the door shut at night and keep unwanted debris, animals, and bugs out of the sand.

3. Emergency info

These smart parents thought to place this emergency information label on their child's car seat in the event of an accident and they are unconscious. This information would be extremely helpful to the first responders.

4. Parental reflection

As a parent, you want to give your kids their space, but you know they still need some supervision. A strategically placed mirror will let you keep an eye on them from a different room and also give them a bit of independence.