You’ll likely face a great number of questions in your lifetime. Some are profound, such as, “Why do I exist?” or “How much can a gorilla bench press?”

Other questions, though not nearly as important, are no less interesting. Thankfully, there are people on the Internet who have a lot of spare time and money and who are ready to help you understand life’s lesser mysteries—like what happens when you toss 30 pounds of dry ice into a swimming pool.

The result may not be what you expect, but there’s no denying how ridiculously awesome it is to see!

If you could have any question answered—no matter how important or mundane—what would it be? Undoubtedly, that’s not an easy conclusion to draw. Likely, you have thousands of mind-blowing, life-altering questions that you’re dying to answer!

Some of your questions may not be answerable with a single sentence; it might take hundreds of philosophical volumes to deduce your life’s meaning, for instance. Other questions, however, might have simpler, yet just as fascinating answers…

Thankfully, there are plenty of people on the Internet who have lots of time and money to spare—and who are willing to answer those questions for us. One of these people is YouTube sensation Crazy Russian Hacker.

In a recent video, Crazy Russian Hacker proposed a question that you probably didn’t know you wanted to answer: What happens when you throw 30 pounds of dry ice into a swimming pool? Well, lucky for us, he decided to find out…

Crazy Russian Hacker / Youtube

His experiment didn’t require a whole lot of effort in sticking to proper scientific methods. In fact, it only took a handful of steps to complete. The first step? Throw 30 pounds of dry ice into a cooler. Note the gloves—safety first!

01-dry-ice-in-swimming-poolYouTube / Crazy Russian Hacker

The next step was just a little bit more primordial. Once all the ice was in the chest, he went to work breaking it apart. Eventually he had 30 pounds all broken up into the cooler and the next part of his plan started: dump the ice into the water. But first…

Crazy Russian Hacker / Youtube

Of course, it isn’t recommended that you try this little experiment at home. Dry ice—which is simply frozen carbon dioxide—acts as an acid when dumped into your pool, which would not be a good thing for the pH balance of the water. So, while this may seem like a harmless idea, you’d be putting equipment and future swim sessions in jeopardy…

Christopher / Flickr

There’s also the fact that dropping dry ice into your pool may create an oxygen-free layer at the surface of the water, which can make you faint if you decide to take a dip afterwards. As you’ve likely guessed, fainting while in a swimming pool is not ideal. That didn’t stop the Crazy Russian Hacker from taking his ice poolside, however…

Crazy Russian Hacker / Youtube

He carried his cooler to the edge of the pool and opted to toss the ice straight out of the container. This was likely because tossing the entire product—cooler included—into the pool could produce unforeseen and unfortunate results…

Crazy Russian Hacker / Youtube

To see this experiment in all its glory, skip to the one-minute mark of the video below. You’ll see what happens when that dry ice touches the water—and the crazy effect that ensues!

That was so neat! The next question is: how long before you can go swimming in that pool again without melting your face off?

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