Every day we face a million irritating dilemmas. Some of them are easily brushed off, but others can feel like a total hassle. So what if we told you it’s actually not that hard to make life just a little bit easier?

These DIY hacks make all those daily tricky tasks so easy to complete that you’ll feel foolish for not thinking of them earlier. So stop wasting time, and start putting these hacks to good use so you can finally get through your to-do list without suffering countless irritations!

1. You don’t need to wear goggles when cutting onions. Nobody likes to be caught all teary-eyed, but chewing some gum (which makes you breathe out of your mouth) while you slice may keep the waterworks at bay. 

2. Pumps, ballerinas, flats, loafers, oxfords, and — oh goodness — gym sneakers can smell quite bad once they’ve been worn a few times (especially without socks). To “air them out,” place your shoes in the freezer and smell the bacteria disappear!

3. That feeling when you’re trying to figure out what the dark green, fluffy food you bought was… and realizing it used to be sour cream. If you wish to make your cupped dairy products last longer, turn them upside down in the fridge. This will seal it completely.

4. Do you often find yourself in a knot? Is your life getting more and more entangled? Free yourself with a bit of cornstarch! Sprinkle it on any sort of rope-based knot and undo it with ease. WARNING: this will not work with electronics.

5. Even with the perfect chef’s knife, it’s hard to cut a perfectly even slice of cheese. Try a piece of dental floss (make sure it’s unflavored — nobody likes minty cheese) and pull it right through the block. It has never been this easy to cut the cheese!

6. We have all done it: accidentally thrown a lovely wool sweater into the dryer only to have it come out looking like it belongs to Tinkerbell. Don’t lose hope! Fill a sink with cool water and add 2 tbsp of baby shampoo. This will relax the fibers enough for reshaping.

7. Sure, professional spot treatments are the best remedy to get rid of a zit, but they’re expensive and not everyone keeps them stocked in their bathroom. Instead, just apply a dab of toothpaste, and it’ll dry it right out.

8. You can start a fire using just about anything, but when you’re in the middle of nowhere with nothing but snacks, Doritos will do the trick. Of course, just about any chip will do, but you will still need a match and something to spark the fire.

9. A mouth ulcer or canker sore is a painful open sore inside the mouth caused by a break in the mucous membrane. Placing a TUM or another calcium-rich antacid onto the ulcer will reduce pain and inflammation, making it heal much faster

10. Normally you think of WD-40 as the substance you spray onto the door so it stops squeaking. However, it also helps remove crayon from all kinds of surfaces. 

11. You’ve just come home after a fun but hot day in the sun. All you want is a cold drink, but you forgot to place your beer/soda/water in the fridge! Wrap the bottle in a wet paper towel and place it in the freezer; you can enjoy it in less than 10 minutes.

12. Candles are always good to have on hand, but if you run out, you can make one from a tub of fat and a piece of string. Just place the string in the middle and light it up. It should last 45 days — enough to get you through a zombie apocalypse or two.

13. Making your own ice packs is pretty easy in a pinch, but they’re usually very rigid, which can decrease your space. To make a more flexible ice pack, add a little alcohol into the mix. Plus, you can add a food dye to make them stand out!

14. Is there any worse feeling in the world than a papercut right between your fingers? As soon as you get one — and in the days after — try applying some plain chapstick to the area and see how quickly it heals.

15. So you finally get around to watching Star Wars, and the DVD skips like crazy. Before you throw it out, take some metal polish and apply a small amount to the disc with a soft clean cloth. Carefully work it into the scratches and allow it to dry.

16. We’ve discussed papercuts, but mosquito bites are no treat either. You can mark Xs in them with your nails, but it’s not super effective. Instead, apply a little nail polish in the shade your heart desires and stop itching instantly.

17. Long candle holders are great, but they’re not exactly the easiest to light. If you don’t have any XL match sticks (or any match sticks at all) on hand, try a stick of dry spaghetti.

18. Do you know what people won’t want to steal out of your purse? Feminine sanitary items. If you’re really worried about getting pickpocketed, hide your money in an empty pad wrapper. No one will think to look there. 

19. There are tons of DIY hacks that use white vinegar, but perhaps the most useful trick to know is that applying it to your skin can heal burn wounds. From sunburns to kitchen burns, your body will heal a lot faster with some good old white vinegar.

20. Got a splinter? Pour a small amount of white school glue on the afflicted area, and then let it dry. When you peel it off, the splinter should come right out. No more picking at your skin with pointy, painful tweezers!

21. Put your shoe organizer in your pantry: While you might not think “feet” and “food” are two things that belong in the same universe—let alone the same tiny room — just try hanging a (clean) over-the-door shoe organizer in your cupboard. Just look at how perfectly it holds produce!

22. Book knife block: Sure, you can spend a lot of money buying an expensive wooden or metallic knife block for your kitchen knives. But why do that when you can store them inside some cute vintage books like this woman did?

23. Key ring fly: If you have a great pair of jeans but you never wear them because the zipper can’t be trusted, try this hack! The key ring loops over the button at your waist to keep the zipper from sliding down every time you move.

24. DIY chip and dip: If you want to display your chips and various dips in a classy way, you don’t need to shell out the big bucks for a fancy combo bowl. Instead, just place a martini glass in your chip bowl and fill it with the dips of your choosing!

25. Baby wipes for stray hairs: If you have long hair, then chances are you’ve had to do battle with flyaways every now and then. Agonize over them no more! Next time, just pat them down with a baby wipe and you’ll be as good as gold.

26. Vinegar for glassware: If your glasses come out of the dishwasher clean but not exactly sparkling, trying brightening them up with a swipe or two of vinegar. You’ll be amazed at how quickly it can banish water spots.

27. Use a potato for a broken light bulb: If you accidentally break a lightbulb while it’s still in the socket, you know how tricky (and dangerous) it can be to remove the base of the bulb. You don’t need to call an electrician; just press a potato into the broken bulb and twist it out!

28. Geometric pizza storage: When it comes to storing leftover pizza, it’s hard to do it without losing a ton of fridge space. Lining up your slices like this will save you precious space so you can fit more pizza in there!

29. Rope and a bucket to water plants: If you’re going out of town but can’t find anyone to water your plants, don’t panic! Simply run twine from your plant to a bucket full of water; the twine will soak up the water and transfer it to all of the plants!

30. Invest in Command hooks: These easy-to-install (and easier-to-remove) hooks are handy for more than just hanging up coats or paintings. You can use them to fashion a spot to hang the lids to your pots!

31. Sponge storage: It’s so easy to toss your sponge into the sink, but it’s an easy way to contaminate it. Try slicing the nozzle off an empty milk jug and slipping it over your sink faucet, then fit your sponge in the cup. Any leftover water will drip right out while keeping the sponge off the sink’s surface!

32. DIY funnel: There is no end to the many different uses that a funnel can have in your home, but you don’t need to run out and buy one. Simply cut a clean water bottle in half and voila!

33. Shrink wrap your remote: If you have little ones running around the house, then everything—from furniture to remote controls—are constantly sticky. Spare yourself the mess and wrap plastic around your remote to keep it clean while still preserving its function.

34. Clip-on air fresheners: If you want to make the air in your home smell extra fresh, you don’t need to do a lot of cleaning. Just clip a car air freshener right onto your central air vents!

35. Reuse your lids: Did you know that the lids to Starbucks drinks fit perfectly on top of red Solo cups? The next time you’re worried that being tipsy might cause you to spill, put a (Starbucks) lid on it. It’s a handy way to save plastic, too!

36. Clean toilet bowls with Coca Cola: If your toilet or sink is covered in stains and regular cleaners just aren’t doing the trick, then pop open a fresh can of Coke. It’s acidic enough to strip away the filth! (This might make you think twice about drinking it, though.)

37. Paint your keys: If your key ring looks like a janitor’s, you know that keeping track of your keys is a nightmare. Easily identify them by painting the tops with distinct nail polish colors. You’ll never fumble through them to figure out which one is your house key again!

38. Pads and deodorant for sweaty feet: If your feet get particularly sweaty and stinky, there’s an easy solution for you. Simply fit a maxi pad inside of your shoe to absorb moisture and swipe the soles of your feet with deodorant.

39. Hack your flip-flops: You know how it’s nearly impossible to walk through sand wearing flip-flops? Rather than carrying them, just slide them around your ankles. It might look weird, but it’s genius—and you won’t need to hold your sandy shoes in your hands!

40. Key ring hack: Ever try to add a key to your key ring, but you can’t seem to do it without destroying your fingernails? Instead, use a staple remover to pry it open in a snap with no pain on your end.

41. Make an impromptu contacts case: If you wear contacts and you forget your case while you’re traveling, carrying a sealable bag could save the day. Simply fill it up with enough solution to drench your lens, pop them in, and worry no more.

42. Packing tape two-in-one: Two items are essential when you’re preparing for a move: tape to seal your boxes and a marker to identify their contents. It’s easy to lose them in all the shuffle, however. But did you know that the base of your packing tape actually has a space that can perfectly hold your marker? Genius!