Man Tries Filming A Puff Adder In His Yard, And It Almost Costs Him His Arm

Most of the time, animals with dangerous reputations have earned that rep. That's why it's almost always better to avoid them all together if you ever encounter them in the wild.

One South African man, Jax Tanner, learned this the hard way when he decided to pick up a venomous puff adder. Inevitably, he was bitten by the angry snake, but it's what happened afterward that was the biggest shock.

Jax Tanner, a man of questionable judgement, discovered a puff adder in his garden. Seizing the opportunity to show it off, he grabbed the snake and tried facing it toward the camera.
What could go wrong with a few selfies? Of course, the snake wasn't having any of it and bit Jax, who was not ready for what came next.
Just what happened next? You'll see.