Part of the joy of having your own home is being able to decorate it exactly the way you’d like. You can follow your muse and design the space to look, feel, and function the way you want it to without having to answer to anybody else.

That said, some people are more dedicated to their decorative schemes than others. The former owners of this house that recently went on the market in England, for example, had a pretty singular — and colorful — commitment to their design plan!

This quaint four-bedroom house recently went on the market in the British town of Middlesex.


From the outside, it looks completely ordinary…


However, on the inside…


Everything’s purple. Everything.


This house is not just purple — it’s very purple. Extremely purple.


The attention to every last plum-colored detail is impressive in its own way, but it raises a number of questions…


Were the previous tenants obsessed with the color’s connection to royalty?


Could they have been die-hard Prince or Jimi Hendrix fans?


Surprisingly, someone’s already made an offer on this purple pad…


…but there’s no telling whether they’ll stick with the color scheme!


Holy cow, that’s a lot of purple! You’ve got to admire the dedication to one single color, even if it’s not most people’s idea of an attractive look!

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