This Insane Conspiracy Theory About Vladimir Putin May Shock You At First, But Just Think About It.

Russia's president Vladimir Putin is an enigma. When he isn't ruling his country with an iron fist, he can often be found performing various insane feats for his lapdog press corps. These activities have included everything from riding a horse shirtless to bending a frying pan with his bare hands.

The strength of Putin's grip over Russia is so unshakable that one has to wonder just how he's managed to pull it off. Well, as some people now believe, it might be because he's been around a really, really long time.

Russian president Vladimir Putin always seems one step ahead of his enemies.
He rules Russia with an iron fist and revels in his outlandish displays of power and machismo.
A large portion of the Russian population openly protests against him.
And yet he has managed to hold on to power for decades. How?