Life isn’t easy for a conjoined twin. The condition itself presents a lot of functional challenges in life, but the scariest part of all is that many do not survive more than a few hours after birth.

Mackenzie and Macy Garrison are unlike any conjoined twins you’ve ever seen, however. When you see what’s so special about them, you’ll realize just how precious the miracle of life really is.

Luckily, the surgery was successful. This photo of the happy, newly separated girls was taken just five days after the operation.

1-rare-conjoined-twinsIce Pice

I can’t imagine how it must have felt for them!

2-rare-conjoined-twinsIce Pice

The sisters received prosthetic limbs and learned to walk with the help of physical therapists.

3-rare-conjoined-twinsIce Pice

Despite their physical limitations, the sisters learned to become quite independent, and they even got their own horses!

4-rare-conjoined-twinsIce Pice

Mackenzie and Macy are now living independent lives thanks to the miracle of modern science. Now, they couldn’t be happier!

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