We tend to think of history as unchanging, like it’s carved into stone. And while historical events most definitely don’t change, our understanding of them is shifting all of the time.

Despite what we learn in our history classes, there is a great deal out there that most of us have never seen or heard. Thanks to some incredibly rare images from the historical record, however, there are a number of blanks from the past that are at last being filled in.

1. Lifeboats from the Titanic reach the RMS Carpathia, looking for rescue, 1912.

21-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

2. Young Adolf Hitler stands (back row, center) with classmates in Austria, 1899.

02-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

3. The unbroken seal of Tutankhamen’s tomb, 1922. It hadn’t been touched for 3,245 years.

03-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

4. The Mona Lisa on display in Florence, 1913, two years after it was stolen from the Louvre.

04-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

5. An Australian soldier witnesses a Japanese soldier commit suicide with a grenade, New Guinea, 1942.

05-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

6. Ruins of the Temple of Jupiter, Lebanon, 1870-1885.

06-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

7. A colorized photo of Lewis Payne, a co-conspirator in the Lincoln assassination, being held in custody prior to his execution, 1865.

07-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

8. Chinese prisoners being used as live targets during Japanese soldiers’ bayonet practice, 1938.

08-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

9. Wife and husband in Korea, 1904.

09-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

10. Little Coyote and Morning Star, chieftains of the Cheyenne tribes, 1873.

10-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

11. British soldiers at the Battle of the Somme, 1916.

11-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

12. President John F. Kennedy pardons the Thanksgiving turkey, three days before his assassination, 1963.

12-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

13. The Eiffel Tower under construction, 1888.

13-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

14. A grotto inside an iceberg during the British Antarctic Expedition, January 5, 1911.

14-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

15. Elvis being sworn into the Army, 1958.

5-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

16. Mount Rushmore, before the famous monument was carved, 1905.

16-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

17. A slave dealer in Alexandria, Virginia, 1861-1865.

17-rare-historical-photosNational Archives

18. Charlie Chaplin, 1918.

18-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

19. The Reich Chancellory, 1939.

19-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

20. The recording of the MGM lion’s roar, 1928.

20-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

21. A zeppelin flies over the pyramids, 1931.

01-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

22. Christopher Robin Milne with the inspiration for Winnie the Pooh, 1928.

22-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

23. The only photo of Billie the Kid, 1879.

23-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

24. Annette Kenning promotes women’s right to wear fitted, one-piece bathing suits, 1907. She was later arrested for indecency.

24-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

25. Painters work on the Brooklyn Bridge, December 3, 1915.

25-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

26. Swami Satchidananda gives the opening speech at Woodstock, 1969.

26-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

27. Hannah Stilley, who was born in 1746, is pictured here, photographed in 1840. She is believed to be the earliest born person is history to be caught on camera.

27-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

28. Nikola Tesla sits in his lab next to his “magnifying transmitter.”

28-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

29. The lone survivors of the sunken HMAS Armidale seen floating by a Catalina flying boat. The water was too rough for the boat to land, and the raft disappeared soon after.

29-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

30. The lone items that made up Ghandi’s worldly possessions.

30-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

31. A man stands holding a “punt gun,” which was used for duck hunting and could kill up to 50 birds at once. It was banned in the 1860s.

31-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

32. Wall Street on Armistice Day, November 11, 1918.

32-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

33. Construction of the Berlin Wall, 1961.

33-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

34. A baby picture of the Dalai Lama, 1940.

34-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

35. The German 7th Panzer Division preparing for the invasion of the Soviet Union, 1941.

35-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

36. The Beatles with Jimmie Nicol, who filled in for a sick Ringo, 1964.

36-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

37. A radiographer in his protective gear, France, 1918.

37-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

38. Socialist Japanese politician Inejiro Asanuma is stabbed by an assassin in Tokyo, 1960.

38-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

39. The aftermath of an IRA bombing in Coventry, England, 1939.

39-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

40. Ham the chimp, the first primate to be sent into space, being fitted for his capsule before his test flight, which took place on January 31, 1961.

40-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

41. U.S. and Soviet tanks at a standoff at Checkpoint Charlie, during the Berlin Crisis in 1961.

41-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

42. The Stars And Stripes, the U.S. Army’s official newspaper, reports on Hitler’s death.

42-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

43. The Statue of Liberty during construction in Paris, 1883.

43-rare-historical-photosFlickr / New York Public Library

44. Al Capone’s prison cell at Eastern State Penitentiary.

44-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

45. Cells where slaves were held prior to auction in Alexandria, Virginia, c. 1865.

45-rare-historical-photosLibrary of Congress

46. The very first female Marines being sworn in, 1943.

46-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

47. The Titanic in port next to its less-famous sister ship, the Olympic, March 6, 1912.

47-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

48. Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address on March 4, 1865. It is believed that his eventual assassin, John Wilkes Booth, can be seen at the center of the top row of the top platform.

48-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

49. In order to promote liberty bonds, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. holds Charlie Chaplain aloft, Wall Street, 1918.

49-rare-historical-photosWikimedia Commons

50. A utility worker attempts mouth-to-mouth on his coworker who had accidentally touched a high-voltage wire, 1967.

50-rare-historical-photosFlickr / Cliff

I can’t even believe that someone born in 1746 would be around to see the invention of the photograph, let alone sit down for one. I guess our perceptions of history really can change at any moment!

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