You can’t speak too highly of coffee. Without it, most of us couldn’t manage to get of bed, let alone our houses, and the world would likely come to grinding halt. Apart from being necessary to function, there are few things as enjoyable as well-brewed cup of joe.

That’s what makes this new method so exciting. Originating in Scandinavian countries like Norway and Sweden, this recipe for brewing a strong, flavorful cup of coffee is as effective as it is easy—and all it takes is a raw egg!

There are few things as wonderful as a strong, tasty cup of coffee and this Scandinavian secret guarantees that you’ll brew one each and every time!

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Step 1: Gather your ingredients: All you’ll need for this is ground coffee, water, and one raw egg!

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Step 2: Begin by bringing three cups of water to a boil.


Step 3: Grind three tablespoons of coffee beans and put the grounds in small dish.

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Step 4: Crack your egg into the dish of coffee grounds, add three tablespoons of cold water, and mix the ingredients together.

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Step 5: Add the paste-like mixture to the boiling water and let it simmer for three minutes. You’ll notice the egg binding the grounds together in clumps, which is completely normal.

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Step 6: Turn off the heat and add a cup of cold water.

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Step 7: Pour your brew through a strainer into a pot.

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Step 8: Enjoy your strong, flavorful, and ground-free cup of coffee!

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See a demonstration of this brilliant recipe!

Using an egg to make coffee sounds pretty unusual, but you can’t argue with the results! You might just have to try it yourself.

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