When you enter the housing market, it can be nerve wracking to put all your trust in a real estate agent — especially when it comes to appealing photos. The agent needs to capture all the angles that made the home so special for you so an eager family jumps at the chance to make it their home.

However, not all agents are cut from the same cloth. While many have a keen eye for photography, there are others that just seem to snap their camera in any old direction without a care in the world. These photos were taken by the latter…

1. Whoever owns this home better hope a potential buyer is keen on swine. By the look of the upkeep, that pig very well may be the owner. There’s nothing like a hunk of four-legged bacon to spruce up a room.

2. A little vegetation never hurt anyone, but this overgrowth is ridiculous. You’d have to use a lawnmower on steroids if you planned on cutting that brush, and let’s not even get started about swimming in the pool. Nice try, Realtor!

3. For a low price, you can be the new owner of this definitely-haunted home. When the clock strikes twelve every night, the ghost of the little boy who previously lived here rides his creaky bike down the hall.

4. Do you think the owner of this place will knock down the price a bit considering this looks like a crime scene? Whatever you do, don’t go digging around the backyard; you might find the body.

5. In case the urge to use the bathroom hits you like a lightning bolt while you’re halfway up the stairs, you’re in luck. Make it quick though or else someone is bound to accidentally sneak a peek.

6. If there was a Guinness World Record for the most doors in a room, this place would hold the title. What could those elevated doors even lead to? It might be better to not know the answer…

7. A bathroom might not seem like the kind of place you’d want to kick back and relax, but then again you’ve probably never had an armchair this comfortable in yours. 

8. This room is the epitome of “eyesore.” The pattern alone is chaotic enough, but when it’s plastered on the walls, ceiling, and bed sheets it’s enough to give even the calmest person anxiety.

9. What do you do when you realize you run out of lumber to complete a porch? You obviously brace the entire thing with an old refrigerator instead. This is called “thinking outside the box.”

10. There’s nothing like taking a dip in a swimming pool full of metal lawn furniture. Better watch your step or else you’ll leave with pruned skin and tetanus. That’s a two-fer you don’t want. 

11. Here’s a perfect example of exactly what you don’t want to see when looking at a potential home to buy. Sure, you can carpet over the pentagram on the floor, but you’ll never be able to remove the evil energy inhabiting the room.

12. That is the saddest looking ceiling fan in the world. When you look at the barren room it’s hanging in though, you understand its mood. Someone needs to fill it with colorful furniture to get those droopy fan blades smiling again.

13. It would be terrifying to walk into this room at night; you’d think those mannequins were home intruders! Someone who’s into vibrant colors would dig this, but getting rid of those bodies would be a must.

14. Mirrors always make a room look bigger, and this bathroom appears to be the size of an entire floor of a home. We get it, you want to make your bathroom look massive, but do you really want to see yourself from so many angles?

15. It looks like the forest got tired of spending so much time outdoors so it started moving in. Any day now the animals are going to take a page out of the same book and give the indoors a try.

16. Could this guy really not get out of the frame before the picture was taken? This is a great snapshot to use if you want to ensure no one comes to the open house ever.

17. There is way too much happening in this bathroom. Two sinks, three toilets, and a whole lot of decisions to make. Also, how is it practical to have the sink as low as the toilet? 

18. The owner of this house is willing to give it away for free so long as the buyer does all of their laundry. Don’t forget to separate the colors, whites, and delicates!

19. “What color would you like your room painted?” “Make it yellow. But leave a few feet of space to put a super sweet picture of Jesus arm wrestling Lucifer.” Spoiler alert: Jesus wins.

20. The words “doll” and “creepy” go hand in hand. One doll is eerie enough, but when you walk into a room and hundreds of little glass eyes are gazing back at you, there’s nothing else to do but scream.

21. The story this photo conjures up is one riddled with loneliness and depression. You can just picture an old man sitting in the chair and staring out the window reminiscing about happier times. 

22. If the peeling paint, dangling wires, and tattered furniture weren’t enough to dissuade you from buying this home, the enormous bat taking flight off the ceiling certainly would be.

23. Even though this place looks like a disaster, that is one excellent stacking job. Maybe the homeowner is trying to show potential buyers how useful this room is for awkwardly storing unused furniture.

24. The bad news: this house has a serious issue with mold. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a mold inspection! 

It’d be tough justifying purchasing one of those homes; those photos are so unappealing! As alarming as those pictures were, these next 10 people found their sanctuaries in very unusual locations, and they don’t seem to mind at all.

1. An underground home in the park: Looking for a place to stay, homeless man Yosue Joel Rios of Fairfax, Virginia, dug a deep hole in a public park. After descending the handmade stairs, he created a two-bedroom apartment for himself. Much to his dismay, a woman walking through the park eventually discovered his rather inconspicuous abode.

2. An old Boeing 727: Actor Bruce Campbell’s home, which is nestled in the woods of Portland, Oregon, is the result of a long-standing dream to live in an airplane. He made his dreams come true—despite having the wealth to afford a home of any size—and lives in this Boeing 727 six months out of the year.

3. A public restroom: According to Usuki-Tsukumi Police Station, 54-year-old Takashi Yamanouchi was arrested when authorities discovered him living in the 990-square-foot attic of a restroom in Japan. He’d been there for three years! He later admitted that he wasn’t the first occupant, as someone else had lived their for several years prior.

4. In an IKEA: Peng Yijian, a 12-year-old boy from Shanghai, China, was discovered living in an IKEA furniture store for six days. He allegedly ran off from his mother after he got annoyed while shopping with her. During the day, he lived off of free samples of food at a nearby supermarket, though he was suffering from starvation by the time he was discovered. He had to be transported to a nearby hospital.

5. A dumpster in New York City: In 2016, a homeless man named Damian Cummings became the recipient of a dumpster-turned-apartment that cost $1,500 and had working USB ports. This was because he’d been so kind and generous to two male models, Phil Sullivan and Shane Duffy, who posed as homeless men for a social experiment.

6. The Sealand: Located in the middle of the ocean near Suffolk, England, this World War II-era fortress was converted into its own nation. Furthermore, its inhabitants elected a king and royal family to rule the land, adopted their own currency, and after declaring themselves independent from England in 1967, even issued their own passports.

7. A truck in the Google parking lot: Sick of paying expensive rent when he was barely home, a 23-year-old intern-turned-Google employee named Brandon had an idea to create his own. So he converted a 128-square-foot truck and parked it in the company’s lot.

8. A paper house: In 1924, Massachusetts man Ellis F. Stuntman created his dream home completely out of varnished paper. Additionally, his walls were all glued together, and he built furniture out of the same paper, too.

9. In a tree stump: After leaving behind all of his worldly possessions, Mick “The Barefoot Sensei” Dodge decided to retreat from the real world into the woods. So deep, in fact, that he made his home in the stump of a large tree. Now a physical fitness guru, people often visit him in the woods to train with him at his business, EarthGym.

10. In a sewer: Former drug addict Miguel Restrepo and his wife, Maria Garcia, call this abandoned sewer home. Inside, the couple did some rather incredible renovations. Furthermore, they added a bed, a television, and even a stove.