There’s something really special about seeing our favorite characters in person at Disney theme parks. Though they’re just actors, they really do help both kids and parents to really get into that magical spirit. They literally bring all of our favorite animated classics to life!

Still, it’s well-known that character actors usually rely on props and makeup in order to nail their “look.” It’s pretty rare, if you think about it, to meet someone who could naturally double for a Disney character… but it’s not impossible.

That’s why these 25 Disney doppelgängers are far more exciting and fun than the cast. These lookalikes truly wear their resemblances all day, every day.

1. This Ukrainian judge and Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Who knew that makeup trends were based on deep-sea beauty routines? We wonder if Her Honor carries the evil sea witch’s signature shellfish lipstick in her purse. Bonus points if it’s waterproof.

disney1Hitry Mitiry / Twitter

2. An elderly gentleman and Carl from Up. Pixar’s cantankerous widower had plenty of reasons to be grumpy. Still, it looks like his real-life twin has a much more affable demeanor. Let’s just hope his house has a proper foundation.


3. This guy and Linguini from Ratatouille. Not only do these two share the same goofy grins and unkempt red hair, but it seems like they have similar lovable personalities. How this fellow fares in the kitchen, however, remains to be seen.

disney3Unknown / Funky Pics World

4. This little guy and the character Russell from Up. These plucky Wilderness Explorers sport matching yellow polos, bandanas, and merit badges. They even wear their spiky hair the same way. Now all our 3-D Scout needs is more balloons!

disney4Moderators / Pixar Planet

5. Khal Drago of Game of Thrones and Scar from The Lion King. They might not be the same species, but they certainly got the memo when it came to bad-boy style. Even their scowls match!


6. Nicki Minaj and Mrs. Potato Head from Toy Story. The rapping Harajuku Barbie might have more in common with her Mattel counterpart than the sympathetic spud, but you’ve got to admit their style in on point, right down to the coral lip color.


7. This laughing girl and Flash from Zootopia. The silly sloth may be the fastest employee at the DMV (Department of Mammal Vehicles), but both he and his real-life doppelgänger share the same sleepy grin.


8. Jean Sarkozy and Prince Adam from Beauty and the Beast. One’s the son of the former French president; the other’s a French prince. Both boast luscious locks, full lips, and broad shoulders. Clearly, there’s something in the eau de France.


9. This guy and Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6. Okay, so this kid is clearly wearing a wig and playing dress-up. Still, his face and eyes certainly have that Hiro sparkle. If only Big Hero 6 existed for real life hugs as well!


10. A young girl and Merida from Brave. This little lass’s fiery ringlets, starry eyes, and rosy cheeks could rival those of the fierce medieval anti-maiden. We imagine she’s longing for her bow and cache of arrows.


11. Lisa Edelstein of House and Mother Gothel from Tangled. The TV doctor and animated antagonist both have strong motherly instincts and superior intelligence, though the latter is certainly more… obsessive. And evil. With killer cheekbones, jet-black hair, and startlingly bright eyes, we’d love to see Edelstein portray Gothel in a live-action Rapunzel movie…


12. Steve Harvey and Mr. Potato Head. Maybe Nicki and Steve should get together next Halloween. Steve’s mustache seals the deal on this one, as does his bright white smile. Of course, their  comedic delivery helps, too.


13. This teenaged girl and Mary Katherine from Epic. Redheaded pony tail? Check. Pink sweatshirt? Check. Fair skin and ruddy cheeks? Check and check. Are we sure this girl wasn’t the original inspiration for Mary Katherine?

disney13Henny / Tumblr

14. This kid and Andy from Toy Story. Even though viewers don’t get to see Andy’s face until the third installment of the Toy Story series, it was totally worth it for this comparison, though the human version looks a little too glum for playful Andy.


15. Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands and Merriweather from Sleeping Beauty. Although the former queen definitely has some Disney magic about her, it seems this comparison was made purely for the head wrap. Which is fair, since they’re exactly the same, after all.


16. These silly dogs and Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed from The Lion King. Just look at those googly eyes! Those pointy ears! Those wild grins and slobbery tongues! Yes, these three pups are certainly channeling the animated hyena trio we all know and love. We just hope the real canines aren’t as evil.


17. Chris Hemsworth of Thor and John Smith from Pocahontas. Sure, Hemsworth is Australian and Smith is English, but even so, there’s no denying their piercing baby blues, square jawlines, and apparent devotion for the same barber shop.


18. Wilford Brimley and the King from Cinderella. Brimley’s had a storied acting career, appearing in movies like The Natural and The Firm and on the 1970s series The Waltons. But he might be most recognized as a diabetes spokesman for Liberty Mutual insurance. The King may not have diabetes like his real-life counterpart, but the handlebar mustache and signature scowl make these two indistinguishable.


19. This girl and Elsa from Frozen. She might not be rocking the ice queen’s platinum braid, but this girl has certainly perfected her animated twin’s sly smirk and arched brow. Her expression is so on-point that, when it comes to their obvious differences, we’re willing to “let it go, let it go.”

disney19Anna Faith / Instagram

20. This boxer and Quasimodo of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Obviously our fighter’s puffy eye is temporary (we hope), but there’s no denying his likeness to the deformed Parisian bell-ringer. It makes you wonder if Quasimodo had any part in sounding the bell to end this fighter’s match…

disney20201241643 / Reddit

21. This lady and Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmations. So this lady certainly took a cue from Cruella on the hairstyle, and she’s mastered her mean glare. But, let’s face it: Cruella would never be caught dead in that zip-up jacket! Close, but no cigarette.

disney21Bob Mercer/ Flickr

22. Danny DeVito and Philoctetes from Hercules. Funnyman DeVito and Hercules’ trainer share a ton of qualities, including their sharp sense of humor and proximity to the ground (DeVito is 4-foot-10-inches while Phil, a satyr, is a squat half man-half goat). Then again, we might be cheating a bit here: DeVito provided the voice for Phil, and Disney animators are known for using their voice actors’ looks as inspiration.


23. Prince and Jafar from Aladdin. Their personalities couldn’t be more different: while the late music icon was known for his kind and playful nature, the Royal Vizier of Agrabah was sinister beyond belief. Plus, Jafar could only wish to be a prince (or be cool enough to go by a symbol). Still, their resemblance is uncanny.


24. Joe Jonas and Aladdin. The leader of the Jonas Brothers and his Disney twin sure have a lot in common: dreamy brown eyes, jet-black mop tops, and the ability to carry a tune. And while Aladdin was out stealing bread from the markets, Jonas was stealing our hearts. Swoon.


25. This fox and rabbit and Nick Wilde and Bunny Hops from Zootopia. We’re going to assume that this real-life fox isn’t about to devour the poor rabbit in its jaws, and instead, they’re just enjoying some hangout time. Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch. At least their animated twins found a way to get along.

disney25D12zle / imgur

How funny are these lookalikes? It’s always exciting when you find a similarity so spot-on; it almost makes you think that Disney magic is seeping into the real world. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your true Prince Charming!

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