Regular trips to the salon are a part of life for most people, especially those with longer hair. Periodic trimming, cutting, and styling is necessary to help keep our manes maintained. Otherwise, our hair would keep growing and growing until it reached the ground.

But years ago, one woman decided to see what would happen if she stopped cutting her hair altogether…

Dashik Gubanova may not live in a tower, but she certainly has the locks to rival the long-haired fairytale princess. 


Dashik, who lives in Russia, last got her hair cut way back in 2003. 


Since then, she has let her hair grow long and free.  


That’s 13 years without even a trim!


She regularly posts photos of her flowing locks on Instagram, where she has over 120,000 followers. 


And though her hair looks too wild to be believed, every strand is very real…


…even if the impressive mane must take a lot of effort to wash, dry, and even pull back into a ponytail. 


Dashik says she’ll finally cut her hair once it reaches all the way down to her toes, and then she’ll donate it to charity to be made into wigs.


Until then, she plans to let her fairytale hair flow long and free, just like it has for the last 13 years.


Can you imagine what it’s like having hair this long? Amazing!

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