There’s not much cuter than seeing a spry little squirrel in its environment – running, jumping, climbing, nibbling… everything about them is adorable.

But one family in Finland noticed a red squirrel in quite the opposite circumstances – it was seemingly lifeless on the side of a road. They were devastated, but then the wounded squirrel showed faint signs of life. It was just the beginning of a story that went from heartbreaking to heartwarming in a matter of seconds.

A family in Finland spotted this little guy seemingly lifeless on the side of a road in 2007. When they were moving him, he showed signs of life.


The immediately decided to try and nurse him back to health.


And it worked!


Unfortunately though, “We realized that his eye would never heal completely and he wouldn’t survive on his own,” says Reddit user Priami, whose family adopted the squirrel.


The family took the squirrel in as one of their own.


They named him Arttu, “pretty much the Finnish version of ‘Arthur.’”


They quickly discovered that Arttu had quite a personality.


He loved to joke around: “He liked to have playful ‘fights’ with our hands (you know, like cats do) and he was smart enough not to bite too hard.”



Arttu quite the appetite: “We fed him nuts, fruits, berries and mushrooms.” (And pinecones!)


injured-squirrel-4injured-squirrel-6 injured-squirrel-5

Arttu lived with the family from 2007 – 2013, when he passed of old age. They found him curled up in his ‘nest’ like he was sleeping.


“We fed other squirrels all the food we had stored for him before he died.”


Source: Reddit

It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that our pets have shorter lifespans than us. But however short, it looks like Arttu’s life was very happy. Now he probably has all the nuts he can handle in squirrel heaven.

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