These 9 Terrifying Reindeer Facts Will Make You Rethink The Holidays. #4 Is Crazy.

Everybody knows the integral role of the reindeer in Santa's yuletide operation. Without them, there would be no Saint Nick, let alone any click, click, click. But how much do we really know about our holiday beasts of burden?

For instance did you know that the Great Reindeer Strike of '82 almost canceled Christmas before Santa acquiesced and gave them comprehensive hoof coverage? You didn't because I made that up. But these facts below are not made up so go bone up on your reindeer FAQs and impress the whole family this Holiday season.

1. Born to Run
2. I See An Antler An I Want It Painted Silver
3. The Velvet Antler-ground
4. Once Last Dance With Comet And Blitzten