With modern home renovation trends, people are choosing to live in more unique places than ever before. Making use of odd spaces has become quite the popular renovation challenge.

From school buses to abandoned water towers, there is seemingly no structure that can’t be turned into a comfortable place to live if you have the creativity and skill!

But these converted homes are on a whole new level, and they’re the complete opposite of the tiny home trend. That’s because they’re made from old churches…

1. The modern look of this home’s interior is a complete 180 from its traditional brick facade. You have to really appreciate the overall motif of the converted church with the stark whites and panels of glass. 


Sydney, Australia. Designed by Otto Cserhalmi + Partners.

2. This beautiful church is just so clean and modern. Look at those sleek floors! Not to mention, those high ceilings and all that open space look wonderful and inviting.


Brisbane, Australia, designed by Willis Greenhalgh Architects.

3. While many of the churches on this list barely resemble one any longer, this home still maintains the look of a church since they chose to keep the stained glass windows.

3-church-homesLinc Thelen Design and Scrafano Architects

Chicago, Illinois, designed by Linc Thelen Design and Scrafano Architects.

4. Not only is this beautiful arched church sitting directly on a lakefront property, but it offers some pretty spectacular views, as well. Look at that amazing wooden ceiling.

4-church-homesRuud Visser Architects

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, designed by Ruud Visser Architects.

5. The outside of this church gives nothing away about the inside. The sleek white coloring and bright red stairs are quite the contrast.

5-church-homesLeijh, Kappelhof, Seckel, van den Dobbelsteen Architects

Haarlo, The Netherlands, designed by Leijh, Kappelhof, Seckel, van den Dobbelsteen Architects.

6. This beautiful church shows how well some people are able to utilize the minimalist style. It proves that some people need little more than an island kitchen and a nice, comfy couch.

6-church-homesZECC Architects

Utrecht, The Netherlands, designed by ZECC Architects.

7. This is an extremely modern church home. Just look at the complex design aesthetic and the ultra-modern furniture selection. Not to mention the home’s beautiful exterior. 

7-church-homesBagnato Architects

Melbourne, Australia, designed by Bagnato Architects.

8. This house is seriously so massive, and they’ve certainly made the most of it with the modern touches they chose to employ. It almost looks like a Disney castle when looking at it from the outside!

8-church-homesDOS Architects

London, England, designed by DOS Architects.

9. Just look at the way these designers combined suburban curb appeal with authentic church arches. The back yard is certainly a main feature of this renovated home. It must be a peaceful spot in the summer!

9-church-homesFlickr/Paul Clancy

Westport, Massachusetts, designed by Alyn Carlson.

10. This home was actually designed to look like a chapel in Santa Croce, Italy. Clearly, they did a magnificent job with the design; it looks like you could be walking down an Italian street.


Los Angeles, California, designed by Hans Walner.

11. This Gothic church built in 1909, which is now a residential home, overlooks Mission Dolores Park in San Francisco. It’s hard to imagine slipping out of this cabin-like mansion of a church and walking right onto the steep hills of San Francisco.


12. This former chapel in Suffolk, England retains its original stained glass, but it’s complimented by art deco interior decorations. Can’t you just imagine spending a night in this beautiful oasis of a home? That would be a dream come true.

12-church-homeslocation works

These homes are absolutely fabulous… and positively enormous. Would you move into one?

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