Rescuers Fake A Dog’s Death To Save Her From An Abusive Owner

When an animal is living in an abusive situation, it's best to remove them as quickly as possible. But that isn't always easy: many times, the cruel owners don't want to part with their pets, and some of them don't even think they've done anything wrong at all.

In those cases, rescue workers have to go the extra mile to keep the helpless animals safe. Or, in the case of one lucky pit bull, several thousand miles.

What followed was like something out of a high-stakes spy story. It's amazing to see how far some good people will go for just one special dog!

Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation (SNARR) is a U.S.-based nonprofit that specializes in working with international shelters. The work they do helps animals around the world.
When they got a call from a shelter in Egypt about a pit bull that was being viciously abused, they knew that they would have to do whatever it would take to help her.
The one-year-old pup had severe infections, and she had been beaten so badly that her jaw was broken. The shelter knew they had to do something, but there was a catch: the dog's owner was their landlord, and they were powerless to intervene.
So SNARR agreed to fly the dog to America in secret, and the two groups developed a plan. One day while the owner was out, they sent the pit bull off with a volunteer who would escort her on the first leg of her journey to the U.S.