These Are The Top 40 Richest Quarterbacks In NFL History

NFL stars only have relatively short careers, but some of them can earn more in a single football season than most of us do in an entire lifetime! Not that we’re envious or anything... And if you’re searching for players with the most moolah in the bank, then you best look at the quarterbacks. What’s a QB worth? A heck of a lot, if the 40 wealthiest in NFL history are anything to go by.

40. Jake Delhomme – $63.5 million

Thanks to his willingness to play, well, pretty much anywhere, Jake Delhomme has earned himself a considerable $63.5 million fortune. He even headed to Europe after his first season in the States proved a bust. Delhomme ended up back on American soil, though, and throughout his decade-plus-long career, he had stints with the New Orleans Saints, the Cleveland Browns, the Houston Texans and the Carolina Panthers.

39. Kerry Collins – $63.7 million

Kerry Collins’ most lucrative period came in the mid-’00s, when he inked a deal with the Oakland Raiders for nearly $17 million. And the Pro Bowler’s star only rose higher when Rich Gannon’s neck injury ultimately landed him the Raiders starting job. Spells with the Tennessee Titans and the Indianapolis Colts also helped to boost Collins’ bank balance before he retired from the NFL in 2012.

38. Matt Cassel – $65.5 million

By the time Matt Cassel retired from the NFL in 2018, he’d reportedly earned a cool $65.5 million. Certainly nothing to sniff at! Somewhat of a journeyman, the California native began his career with the New England Patriots before spending time at the Buffalo Bills, the Tennessee Titans and the Kansas City Chiefs. Then, following a final season with the Detroit Lions, Cassel put his knowledge of the game to good use with a commentary role at NBC Sports Boston.

37. Ryan Fitzpatrick – $71.5 million

Ryan Fitzpatrick has earned just one megabucks deal during his lengthy NFL career, and even that was cut short. Longtime armchair QBs may remember that the $59 million contract he signed with the Buffalo Bills in 2011 ended up being downgraded to $21.2 million after just two years. But Fitz has still produced enough magic on the field to keep himself in demand – and make himself one of the top 40 richest quarterbacks ever.