The Richest Reality TV Stars, Ranked In Order Of Wealth

You don’t need to have a particular talent to make big bucks in the world of TV. Some reality stars make more for a few hours of contriving drama than most of us do working for an entire year! From Real Housewives to Fixer Uppers and, of course, multiple Kardashians, here’s a look at the richest.

40. Brooke Hogan – $4 million

As the daughter of a WWE legend, Brooke Hogan was never going to be short of cash. But she’s also built her own fortune thanks to appearances in her dad Hulk’s reality show Hogan Knows Best. The socialite went on to front her own spin-off, resume her recording career and follow in her dad’s wrestling footsteps by joining up with TNA.

39. Jacinda Barrett – $4 million

You might not know that Bloodline star Jacinda Barrett actually got her start on reality TV. Yes, the actress first caught the public’s attention on the London spin-off of ground-breaking show The Real World. But she soon distanced herself from her MTV past with roles in the likes of Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, Millennium and Suits. Barrett’s also married to one of the latter’s main stars, Gabriel Macht.

38. Nicole Polizzi – $4 million

Nicole Polizzi was such a popular figure on MTV’s Jersey Shore that she could command a whopping $150,000 for each show. The reality star, who’s best known as Snooki, was quickly able to amass a multi-million dollar fortune. And she’s not been afraid to spend it, either. In 2015 Polizzi and husband Jionni LaValle bought a New Jersey property worth more than $2.5 million.

37. Whitney Port – $5 million

Whitney Port quickly became a fan favorite during her appearance on MTV’s flagship reality show in the mid-’00s, The Hills. And the reality star didn’t waste any time parlaying her popularity into other areas. She penned articles at Teen Vogue, launched her own Whitney Eve fashion range and collaborated with couture queen Diane von Furstenberg. Then in 2019 Port went back to where it all started with a slot on The Hills: New Beginnings.