Potatoes are the most versatile vegetables around. They give us french fries, hash browns, wedges, and countless other delicious dishes. But of all the possible variations, nothing is simply satiating quite like a baked potato.

So what would you say if we told you that you’ve been baking them wrong all this time?

Instead of wrapping them in foil, throwing them in the oven, and calling it a day, there’s a new way to bake potatoes that’s not just the best way, it’s the tastiest way, too. Are you ready for the secret?

Start by slicing the top off the potato.

01-baked-potatoThe Gunny Sack

Next, use a small knife to cut rings around the inner part.

02-baked-potatoThe Gunny Sack

Cut the sides of the potato all the way around, but leave a small uncut circle at the bottom. Use your thumb to measure this part.

03-baked-potatoThe Gunny Sack

When you flip the potato back over, you should have something similar to this. If the cuts need to be deeper, do it now before the next step.

04-baked-potatoThe Gunny Sack

Finally, it’s time to brush the potato with olive oil and sprinkle salt on top.

05-baked-potatoThe Gunny Sack

Place the potato in a foil-lined tray and into the oven at 425 degrees for 30 minutes. Afterwards, brush on more olive oil and place it back in the oven.

06-baked-potatoThe Gunny Sack

This is what your potato should look like after another 30 minutes.

07-baked-potatoThe Gunny Sack

For added awesomeness, throw some cheese on top and bake for an additional 5 minutes.

08-baked-potatoThe Gunny Sack

Now that you have your cheesy baked potatoes…

09-baked-potatoThe Gunny Sack

…you can sprinkle the whole thing with bacon bits.

10-baked-potatoThe Gunny Sack

Any other fixings are welcome, like sour cream. This is your baked potato, after all, and you can put whatever you want on it!

11-baked-potatoThe Gunny Sack

Now that is a baked potato! If anyone needs me, I will be in the kitchen making 6,000 of these.

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