A Girls Night Gone Bad: Two Girls Pack Up Their Roommates Things And Evict Her While She Isn't Home. Find Out Why

For many young people living communally is a way of life. While you are in college or a young up-and-comer building your career, while building your way towards independence, you have to cut costs where you can. One way of doing this is splitting the rent with others.

But what do you do when one of the others doesn’t pay their portion of the rent? Landlords expect their full month’s rent. That means that the weight of the bill is spread between the remaining housemates. The next question is, what to do with the nob-paying housemate? Two roommates went a little overboard with retribution when they experienced this.

Friday Night Is Girls Night In This Apartment

When the weekend comes around, it’s not uncommon for groups of girls to get together and have a girl's night. Usually, this involves some drink, snack, and perhaps a movie and, if they fancy it, some games or even makeovers or spa treatments.

But often, especially as the drinks take hold and the girls get a little tipsy, the night becomes one of jokes and conversation, negating any other planned activity. This was kind of what happened

when Lud Wid and her roommate organized a girl's night for themselves. Soon, the conversation turned to another housemate.

One Girl Wasn’t Around

There was a third roommate in this equation. She wasn’t around and hadn’t been for a while. This was who the conversation turned to during Lud Wid and her housemate’s two-person girl’s night. It wasn’t a pleasant conversation either. There was a reason this third girl wasn’t around.

She hadn’t paid her rent in three months and hadn’t been seen for a while. It turns out both girls present were disgruntled with their third roommate. They had also decided that enough was enough, and they proceeded to take some action against their not-present housemate.

It’s Time To Get Her Out

As with any booze-filled get-together, things can sometimes get highly charged. It’s unclear what exact words were said, but these women had decided that enough was enough, and they had to get rid of their roommate. They had reached their wit end with this girl and had reached a point where they felt no sympathy.

So what was their decision? Well, they were going to perform a roommate eviction. Fueled by wine and angered to their core, it didn’t take much for them to act against their harsh punishment. And they decided that the girl's night was the perfect time to do it.

But Their Anger Goes Beyond Booze

Sure, a drink can make one harsh and act on emotions, but there was probably more than that fueling their decision. No one likes a freeloader, and the truth is that their landlord was still expecting his full rent payment. This means that between them, they had to make up the cost.

Essentially, they may have been a bit gung ho about their sudden need to evict their roommate. But this also meant that they could justify paying the rent if it was just the two of them, without a freeloader. But most importantly, they could advertise the space for a third roommate and maybe have some extra cash again.