Let’s face it: the world as we know it is much stranger—and, therefore, more terrifying—than we think. Throughout history, people have come across strange mysteries that they can’t quite explain, and that makes them all the scarier.

When filmmakers were shooting a horror film in Argentina, they found something much weirder than the fictional story that they were working on, and they just had to investigate.

The more you learn about this phenomenon, the more unusual it proves to be. It’s an island known as “The Eye” because of its distinctive shape…but that’s just the beginning.

This almost-perfectly circular island in Argentina, near Buenos Aires on the delta of the Panama River, has been dubbed “The Eye.”

1-the-eye-argentinaYouTube / The Eye

It seems to float in a small round lake, which is only about 120 meters in diameter.

It was discovered by filmmaker Sergio Neuspiller and his team as they were researching for their new horror film.

2-the-eye-argentinaYouTube / The Eye

The film was already going to be based around the claims of real people regarding experiences with ghosts, UFOs, and other paranormal encounters, but when Neuspiller discovered The Eye after trudging the swamps for eight hours, he shifted his focus.

The shape of the island was far from the only unusual thing about it.

3-the-eye-argentinaYouTube / The Eye

“The place was amazing and extremely strange,” says Neuspiller. “We discovered that the water is incredibly clear and cold, something totally unusual in the area.”

“The bottom is hard, in contrast to the swampy marshes surrounding it,” he continues. “The center part floats. We don’t know over what, but it floats.

4-the-eye-argentinaYouTube / The Eye

Neuspiller and his team have since launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their research of The Eye.

5-the-eye-argentinaYouTube / The Eye

The money will go towards “scuba gear, geologists, biologists, ufologists, specialized drones and more,” according to their YouTube page.

You can learn more about this project, as well as The Eye itself, in this video.

What Neuspiller and his team have discovered is an unprecedented natural wonder. The Eye certainly raises a lot of questions, so hopefully their research will provide us with some answers!

For more information about this project, and to find out how to donate, please visit their Kickstarter page.

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