What goes on behind the closed doors of some homes is usually a mystery to everyone except for the people who live inside. For the most part, people’s private lives aren’t all that special; we eat, sleep, and perform a million mundane tasks each day, and it becomes pretty unremarkable quickly.

However, sometimes what’s hiding behind a closed door is far from ordinary. In fact, people who look average enough could be hiding a secret so major and so grotesque that it could make your skin crawl just to hear about it.

Dmitry Baksheev and Natalia Baksheeva were a happily married couple living and working together. However, when Dmitry lost his cell phone, the truth about what was going on inside their home was revealed… and the horror was unimaginable.

Dmitry Baksheev and his wife Natalia Baksheeva of Russia were just like any other long-married couple, and after the spark faded, they had to look for ways to keep their marriage alive. However, what Dmitry and Natalia did in the pursuit of happiness was so gory and gristly that it might make your skin crawl.

Using an online dating service, Dmitry would seek out women that he and his wife would promptly murder—and eat. Later, Natalia would reveal to police that, in their twisted plot, the couple had slaughtered and consumed more than 30 women.

They were ultimately captured by police, who uncovered seven bags of body parts inside of the couple’s refrigerator and freezer, in addition to 19 slices of human skin and at least one jar of pickled human remains. Authorities feared that Natalia may have fed human flesh to unknowing patients and student pilots at the military academy where she was employed as a nurse. The story only became worse from there…

The pair were caught when a cell phone was found in the town of Krasnodar where they lived. On the cell phone were several photographs of what appeared to be a man posing for selfies with human bodies and human body parts. When questioned by authorities, they immediately confessed.

As authorities learned more about the couple, it came to light that Natalia had actually taken in Dmitry when he was orphaned youth. When he turned 18, the couple married. At the time that they were apprehended, Natalia was 42 and Dmitry was 35. According to Dmitry, they’d been killing and eating women since 1999.

Natalia reviewed through a stack of photos of women who were reported missing from the area. She recognized at least 30 the couple killed and ate, though at that point, only two victims had been officially identified. Elena B (pictured below) was one victim. She lived in the same neighborhood as the couple.

As the police continued their investigation, they discovered disturbing details about the couple’s past. Dmitry’s stepfather kicked him out the house after his adoptive mother died; before Dmitry moved out, he set fire to his bedroom. According to his stepfather, the boy was prone to theft and bank fraud. Eventually, the stepfather had enough of trying to wrangle the troubled young man.

When two sanitation workers discovered Dmitry’s abandoned phone and saw the gruesome images, they immediately decided to go to the police. No sooner had they started off toward the authorities that Dmitry himself appeared, asking if anyone had found his phone. The sanitation workers lied and said they had not. It was a smart move—and one that would lead to Dmitry and Natalia’s apprehension.

Among the photographs found on the cell phone was this horrific image. It appeared that the couple had placed a cooked human head on a platter, putting olives in its eye sockets and affixing a lemon to its nose before surrounding it with oranges. It was a truly ghastly display of their perversion.

When police raided the house that the couple shared, they found that the cannibals were as sloppy as they were careless with their crimes. The apartment was filthy, but even in that mess they manage to find evidence—such as this photograph of a human head lying in plain sight.

Also among Dmitry and Natalia’s possessions in their squalid home were a hide assortment of wigs, which authorities theorized were worn by the couple in an effort to conceal their identities when luring young women to their doom.

The police also discovered cans of steamed meat made from human remains inside their disheveled apartment. Before she was fired for drunkenness from her job at the military academy, Natalia would bring these cans into the school and share the meat with the students.

The couple lived together in the house provided to them by the military academy. It was learned that they used ether and a Russian drug called Corvalol (made with the barbituate phenobarbital) to subdue their victims. People who lived nearby claimed to smell strange chemicals constantly coming from their home.

Since the couple was apprehended, it was up to authorities to do their best with the evidence at hand, however nauseating it might have been. Though the couple was already being held on two murder charges, authorities believed that number would increase as they managed to identify even more of their victims.

Can you believe that these two managed to keep their terrible secret for long? In a way, it’s good they were so sloppy, because it led to their downfall. Here’s hoping they get exactly what’s coming to them at the hands of the Russian justice system.

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