20 Beloved Historical Figures Who Did Truly Terrible Things

History is filled with great individuals who achieved monumental successes in their lifetimes. These are people who led revolutions, fought for the little guys, and spread joy across the world. More often than not, we look back on them fondly, but deeper investigations into the lives of some beloved figures can often reveal something less idyllic.

Though they accomplished great things, history's heroes were still human, and therefore, often flawed. Whether they were blinded by goals, tempted by lust and rage, or afflicted with screwed-up ideologies, these 20 renowned figures weren't as pure and kind-hearted as their most famous actions led us to believe...

1. Mahatma Ghandi: An activist who preached love and peace, Ghandi spearheaded Indian independence from Britain. Through his letters and words, some scholars and historians saw him as a paragon of good in the world. But...
Ghandi didn't always practice what he preached, especially regarding chastity. While he routinely told married couples to take a cold bath when they felt sexual urges, the man himself carried on an affair with his physician, Sushila Nayar, for a number of years.
2. Winston Churchill: One of the most famous men to hail from England, former Prime Minister and army officer Winston Churchill's leadership during World War II led the Allies to victory. But he wasn't all peaches and cream.
The Prime Minister deliberately diverted food away from India to feed Europeans at a time when India desperately needed it, worsening one of the worst famines in the country's history and leading to the deaths of as many as three million people.