A Married Couple Avoided Opening One Specific Wedding Present For Nine Years

Brandon and Kathy Gunn received many generous offerings on their picture-perfect wedding day. But while they happily and gratefully opened their gifts after the celebration, one remained untouched for nearly a decade. And when they finally opened it, what they saw left them stunned.

When It Began

Brandon and Kathy commemorated their love back in September of 2007 at a wedding ceremony that took place in Jackson, Michigan, and amassed hundreds of guests. They've been happily married ever since and enjoy challenging each other.

A Challenge

See, after the ceremony, when one particular gift stood out as special, the competitive couple knew they could use it as a way to challenge the other...once they read the note attached to it.

Great Aunt Alison's Master Plan

The mysterious gift was given to the love birds by Kathy's Great-Aunt Alison, and the super cryptic note attached to it said, "Do not open until your first disagreement."

Presents Left Alone

Confusedly, Brandon and Kathy respected Alison's wishes, which led to the package being untouched for years — the cost of no disagreements, we guess. The thing was left alone for so long that it practically grew cobwebs.