9 Alternative Uses For Aspirin That Aren’t Written On The Bottle But Definitely Should Be

When you have a headache, chances are you immediately reach into your medicine cabinet and look for a pain reliever. For some people, this means aspirin. It's one of the most commonly used analgesics on the planet!

But just how often do you turn to aspirin when you have another problem that needs solving? Probably not very! In reality, that the jar of aspirin that's sitting in your medicine cabinet has many other uses besides the one it was made for. Check out these awesome aspirin hacks you never knew!

Aspirin is one of those medications that almost everyone has taken at one time or another. It's usually prescribed as an over-the-counter analgesic (painkiller) to treat minor aches and pains, but it actually has a surprising number of uses most people don't know about.
Sometimes it's taken by people who have suffered heart attacks, but there are so many other things your aspirin can do. Here's exactly why it's so important to always have a bottle around...
1. Fight dandruff: Aspirin can help promote a healthy scalp. The salicylic acid in it is a strong moisturizing agent, and more moisture means less of the white stuff on your head. Sounds pretty good, right?
Just crush two or three pills into a powder and mix them in with your shampoo. When applying, let the mixture sit on your head for a few minutes after you lather, then rinse out as normal.