Steve Mershon lives near the beach, and he absolutely loves it. Sure, it’s filled with the usual sun, surf, and waves, but Steve enjoys the beach because it’s full of surprises, and he never knows what he might find along the shore.

One day, Steve found an actual message in a bottle lying on the sand. While most people might have ignored it or thrown it out, Steve opened it up to see what it said…and he couldn’t put it down.

This is the message that Steve found in the bottle:

6-sad-bottle-messageFacebook/Steve Mershon

But instead of throwing it away, Steve actually wrote back: “Dear Jonothan Torres. My name is Steve, and I found your note in a bottle on a beautiful Tuesday morning, April 19th. First of all, let me tell you what a strong little man you are for writing your best friend that letter. You show so much love in your heart way beyond your years.”

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“Your parents, friends, teachers, myself, and all of my friends who know I found your letter are so proud of you. Daniel is a lucky guy to have you as a best friend. I’m so sorry he passed. As your letter states, you guys must’ve played a lot of sports together with Mathew, Oscar and Brandon. I’m sure Daniel would want you to know that when you guys are playing sports, he and Jesus are watching and rooting for you. Perhaps your next touchdown, goal, or basket you can dedicate to your best friend Daniel.”

2-sad-bottle-messageFacebook/Steve Mershon

“I don’t know where you threw your note in the ocean, or how long it was in the water, but it landed in the right hands, Jonothan. You see, I find lots of things on the beach, and the best ones I keep. I have shelves full of wood, shells, sunglasses and, yes, bottles. Jonothan, your bottle, with your letter to your best friend, is the most beautiful thing I have ever found.”

4-sad-bottle-messageFacebook/Steve Mershon

“It would trump anything in my collection. But I can’t. Won’t. You threw that bottle out to show your love for your best friend. It is meant to be shared. I took pictures of it, and shared it with friends on my Facebook page. It tugged at many heartstrings, Jonothan. But it’s going to be shared with more people. Like I said, it fell into the right hands.”

3-sad-bottle-messageFacebook/Steve Mershon

“You see, I think Daniel put the bottle ashore where I found it, and his friend Jesus led me to it. I’ll tell you why. I’ve had plans for a few weeks to go way out on the ocean on a big cruise ship. I’m going to take your letter and your bottle with me. I’m going to add my own little letter to it, Jonothan, and put the cork back in it, and when I find the deepest, prettiest, most blue water I can find, I’m going to throw it back in. So someone else, along with their friends, can see the love in your heart. You’re a good man, Jonothan. I’m hoping maybe, just maybe, the world can see the love in one fifth-grader’s heart, and we can, one by one, all get along. Peace, little man!”

5-sad-bottle-messageFacebook/Steve Mershon

What a sweet message. Jonothan and Steve’s messages are an uplifting reminder to tell our loved ones that we appreciate them as often as possible.

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