Pat Sajak Put A Contestant In A Headlock After A Whirlwind Winning Streak

The Wheel of Fortune crowd is going wild in response to contestant Fred Fletcher-Jackson’s stunning performance, and his competitors are crestfallen. There’s nothing they can do to catch up to him now. But it’s not them the winner should be worried about. In an instant, presenter Pat Sajak whips Fred into a submission hold, wrapping an arm around his chin as he goes for the finish. 

Stunned audience

Fred is just as surprised as the stunned audience! Before he realizes what’s happening, it’s too late: Sajak has whipped him into a chokehold, and the camera records every moment. Fans in the studio and the ones watching at home alike are astounded. Who knew the show host had it in him? And what could have made him turn on a contestant in the heat of the moment? 

Iconic host

Veteran host Sajak’s no stranger to the presenting game. In fact, he’s got 40 years of experience on Wheel of Fortune alone; the show just wouldn’t be the same without him. In all that time, he’s had some iconic times with contestants, and the one where he wrapped Fred up in a headlock is surely among them. 

Impressive career

If you’re a fan of Wheel of Fortune, you’ve probably already seen the March 2023 episode, but if you didn’t, go and find it: you’re in for a treat! So just who is Fred, and why did Sajak pull his moves out on the guy? Well, this particular contestant had something in common with his host: he’d had quite the impressive career himself. 

Change of pace

Fred is a teacher, a host of bar quizzes, and even a professional wrestler! Sure, the last one is considerably different to his other jobs, but hey — maybe he fancied a change? In any case, the polymath has loved Wheel of Fortune since he was a baby, as his mother can attest. He told the show’s official Instagram as much after the game.