Scientist Accidentally Finds A Decades-Old Puzzle Hidden In The Rainforest

Although we know a great deal about every corner of our planet, there are always more mysteries lurking. One scientist learned that when he conducted an ambitious expedition into the jungles of Mozambique. The journey would be like no other, and the bizarre discoveries he found there would forever change him.

Grand Adventures

Renowned explorer Julian Bayliss always dreamed of grand adventures: the kind that would allow him to travel the world and see sights never before seen by humans. Often he would scroll through Google Maps, daydreaming about the possibilities. And one afternoon he noticed something that stopped him cold.

The Hidden Forest

Looking at the top of the distant Mount Lico in Mozambique, he spotted something truly odd and remarkable: an entire rain forest. And what's more, he was pretty sure that no one had ever been there before!

Uncharted Territory

Even more intriguing, the sides of the cliff were steep and seemingly impenetrable. If Bayliss was right, this was his chance to go where no man had gone before. What he didn’t yet know was that there was a very good reason for that. 

Rallying The Troops

Bayliss got straight to work assembling a team of superstars. The 28-person expedition included scientists, doctors, rock climbers, and even a chef. What they all had in common? They were the best in the world at what they did.