13 Body Hacks That Even Most Doctors Don’t Know About

The human body is pretty darn amazing. It's capable of things like running marathons and creating life—those are totally awe-inspiring accomplishments when you stop and think about them.

If you've ever gotten the hiccups or a bloody nose, you know that the human body can also respond in some pretty weird ways. However, it turns out that we might have more control over those occurrences than we ever thought.

These 13 hacks for the human body are great tools to have in your back pocket. If you've ever suffered from hiccups or heartburn, then you'll want to pay attention...

1. Ever feel like you've got a big sneeze coming on, but you aren't in a place where you can just let it loose? Simply place one finger on your philtrum (that's the small indentation right below your nose) and press down gently. You'll lose the urge to sneeze in no time!
2. Is there any other pain like the agony of an ice cream headache? The next time you get a brain freeze, here's a "cool" way to stop it in its tracks. Simply press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Brain freeze is caused when the blood vessels there dilate too quickly. Putting your tongue to the roof of your mouth warms it and helps stop the freeze.
3. Want to touch your toes but can't quite make it? Stop what you're doing and read a few sentences backwards a couple of times and then try touching your toes again. No one knows why this trick works, but you'll be impressed enough to share it with your friends!
4. Sinus congestion is a hassle! If you're in a bind and need to find relief fast, alternate between pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth and then pressing your fingers gently between your eyes. This trick doesn't work for every person, but those who find relief will swear by it.