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Concealed Details From Bewitched That Producers Didn’t Want Getting Out

Back when Bewitched was on the air, millions of fans had their faces pressed up against the screen, waiting to see what mischief Samantha would make next. You may even have tried to do that iconic nose-wiggle yourself! But while the show looked like a whole heap of fun to shoot, there was a lot going on behind the scenes. The secrets that Bewitched’s producers wanted to keep hushed were anything but magical—including the real reason why the show was canceled.

Montgomery’s first pregnancy was covered up

Montgomery gave birth three times during her time on the show, but only two of her pregnancies were written into the series (as the magical births of Tabitha and Adam). Yes, while the actress was actually with child in season one, you wouldn’t know it. The whole thing was covered up on screen because the network deemed it inappropriate for Sam and Darrin to be expecting a baby so quickly after saying “I do.” Weird, but that was the thing back then.


After five seasons on the show, Dick York magically vanished from the scene. He was replaced by none other than Sargent; producers had gotten their dream Darrin after all. There's a tragic explanation, however: while filming They Came to Cordura, York suffered a terrible injury, tearing several muscles in the right side of his back. Doctors gave him pain medication, but the actor never truly recovered.

The Final Straw

During the fifth season, York was filming despite a 105 degree fever. While sitting on the set, the flickering spotlight proved to be too much. York had a seizure and was rushed to the hospital; he resigned instantly, as if by magic.

Agnes Moorehead couldn’t stand Dick Sargent

While most fans would eventually warm to Dick Sargent as a replacement for Dick York, Agnes Moorehead – who played Samantha’s mother Endora – just couldn’t accept the new Darrin. And that led to some pretty awkward moments on set. In an interview with Chicago Outlines, Sargent revealed, “About the third or fourth show I was in, [Moorehead] said to people in front of me, ‘They should never meddle with success.’” Whatever could she have meant?