Turns Out There’s A Secret Vault Under The Vatican That Might Be Concealing Explosive Information

The Vatican has been the home of the Roman Catholic Church for centuries. Its ancient roots and inherently secretive nature has long inspired the imaginations of passionate conspiracy theorists. But it's what's inside the Vatican's top-secret vaults that catches most of their attention.

The vaults in Vatican City are said to house some of the most dangerous—and potentially scandalous—secrets that the Roman Catholic church possesses. The church stringently restricts access to its vaults, which has only fueled rumors as years have passed. Here are 13 of the strangest rumors about what's inside...

1. Rumor has it that, deep inside its vaults, the Vatican has proof of something that could send the faithful running. It's said that the Vatican actually has evidence that Jesus never existed! If this is true, it's easy to understand why the Church wouldn't want anyone to know.
However, the Vatican is so notoriously secretive that people aren't exactly sure what this so-called "proof" could be. In fact, some speculate that the proof hidden in the vaults confirms that Jesus was real. Then again, wouldn't the Pope be shouting it from the rooftops?
2. Somebody get Mulder and Scully on the line, because the Vatican could be hiding extraterrestrial skulls! That's right: it turns out aliens have been real this whole time and Rome is trying to keep it quiet... if you believe the whispers.
Apparently, the skulls were found by construction workers during a renovation of the vaults in 1998. Thus, a massive conspiracy that went all the way up to the Pope was hatched to make sure that no one ever found out about their existence.