10 Little-Known Secrets Hidden In Decks Of Playing Cards

Packs of playing cards are sold just about everywhere, and nearly everyone has played a card game or two in their life. There's go fish, poker, blackjack, and literally hundreds of others.

But did you know there are actually a bunch of hidden secrets in every deck of cards? The company that originally designed them made sure to include some cool traits, and they're all fascinating.

Here are 10 secrets you probably never knew about a simple deck of playing cards. You'll never look at those 52 pieces of laminated cardboard the same way ever again!

1. If you've ever shuffled a deck of playing cards before, you've heard that satisfying "snap" sound while the cards flip through your hands. Most people think it's the plastic lamination on the cards that causes the sound, but it's actually thin layers of glue that give each card their snapping "backbone."
2. You might not think the designs on the backs of the cards have any real significance, but they sure do. For example, magicians look for cards with no outside borders because it helps them better hide their tricks. Casino card handlers will also tell you certain designs work better with certain games to prevent scams.
3. Magicians and sleight-of-hand experts pay close attention to the razor-thin edges of the cards. Decks are cut using very powerful blades, and certain beveled edges work better for card-shuffling than others. These specific cuts are huge selling points for people who handle cards for a living.
4. Even though there are many brands of playing cards, nearly all of them are, in fact, printed in the same facility in Kentucky. Over the years, the United States Playing Card Company acquired most of the brands, and they now print them all in one place.