Easy Storage Hacks That We Wish We Knew Sooner

Let’s be honest: we could all use a little inspiration when it comes to maximizing our storage space. It is so easy to let your home be overcome by cluttered closets and bins, after all. The good news is that these elegant solutions are exactly what the doctor ordered, and they go a long way to making your life a lot simpler. Just don’t blame us if these handy tips give you the itch to give your entire home a makeover.

1. Hide your thermostat

Not only do thermostats look rather unsightly sticking out of the wall, but nosy houseguests also like to overstep their bounds and tamper with your home temperature. You can solve this problem, however, by simply hiding your thermostat behind a hinged painting or picture frame. Easy and discreet! Only you and your family will ever know that it's there.

2. Store your pantry supplies in a shoe organizer

If you’re sick of having to root around in the depths of your cupboards or shelves for those rarely used ingredients, try hanging a shoe organizer over your pantry door. Yes, as it turns out, these devices are not only useful for footwear, but also for all kinds of snacks and kitchen staples.

3. Magnetize your hammer

Whether you’re building furniture or taking it apart, somehow there’s always a rogue nail that slips through your fingers – and doesn’t reappear until it embeds itself in your foot during a hazy night-time trip to the bathroom. Magnetizing the bottom of your hammer, then, is an ideal solution for keeping track of the pointy devils.

4. Hang your ironing board on coat hooks

Let’s face it: we’ve all had an ironing board fall on our faces at one point or another. Install a couple of coat hooks on the wall, however, and you’ll never need to fear opening the laundry cupboard again. If only there was a life hack that got us out of the ironing altogether…