These Look Like Children’s Playhouses… But The Truth Is Much More Morbid.

In the remote Alaskan town of Elktuna, you'll find an unusual sight: a park covered in brightly painted dollhouses. At least, they appear to be dollhouses.

But if you take a closer look you'll realize pretty quickly that these houses definitely are not for children. What these colorful structures are actually hiding will give you chills.

Over 100 of these colorful painted miniature structures sit side by side in the small Alaskan town of Elktuna, set in the shadow of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church.
They might look like playhouses, but they are actually unusual grave markers called "spirit houses."
According to the church's unique tradition, the deceased person's body is first buried covered with a blanket to help comfort the soul as it transitions into the spirit world.
Forty days later, loved ones place a spirit house over the blanket, painting it in colors representing their family history.