Sailors are historically a superstitious bunch, and many of them carry talismans to protect them from bad weather conditions. But there is one particular superstition that’s especially fascinating. It’s called ‘St. Elmo’s Fire,’ and for hundreds of years, sailors believed that this weird phenomenon was supernatural in origin.

It wasn’t until recently that people really began to understand it.

Although it can happen anywhere where the air is charged with electricity, St. Elmo’s fire is most commonly associated with the sea, and with sailing. 


The phenomenon occurs when plasma is generated by pointy objects (like the wooden sail supports on ships) and discharged as visible spheres of light. 


St. Elmo’s fire is named after the Italian version of St. Erasamus, the patron saint of sailors. When sailors spotted this “heavenly” glow, they took it to be a good omen.


But it doesn’t just happen on ships, as this couple found out when visiting a lake. Take a look!

Can you imagine looking down at your hand and seeing blue fire dancing along your fingertips? Nature truly is incredible!

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