When people think of art, they often think of painters or sculptors slaving away in a cramped studio, brush or chisel in hand. But there are just so many other ways to bring an artist’s vision to life.

Stan Herd is an artist whose canvas isn’t exactly on a wooden frame. Rather, his canvas is actually the Earth itself – and the things he can do with it have to be seen to be believed.

Stan Herd is a landscape artist in the truest sense of the word.


He doesn’t just curate landscapes to be beautiful, he turns them into giant canvases for something even more amazing.


He was recently hired by the Minneapolis Institute of Art to create something truly special.


He planned to map out an entire field and turn it into Vincent Van Gogh’s 1889 painting, “Olive Trees.”


Each segment of the field had to be carefully sculpted and seeded with different kinds of grass and flowers.


It was the largest project that Stan had ever taken on.


After a few weeks, the project began to take shape.


Once the different grasses grew in, the “painting” became clear.


Just look at that detail.


Now compare it to the original (below). Pretty darn close.

van-gogh-field-10Wikimedia Commons

Watch Stan’s incredible work below.

Stan’s work will be there through the autumn, after which he’ll remove the earthworks himself. So you’d better plan that trip to Minneapolis soon!

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