Strange coincidences are part of the reason life can be so fascinating. Stumbling upon a funny moment of happenstance can transform an ordinary day into something pretty special for all parties involved.

Those moments when the impossible and unlikely seem to come into perfect alignment can be simply breathtaking. The only thing better than witnessing one for yourself is capturing it so that you can share the serendipitous occurrence with others!

The coincidences in these photos must be at least one in a million. It’s not quite clear how they happened, but you’ll be glad they were caught on camera!

1. That’s unfortunate for the car’s owner, but the symmetry is strangely satisfying. This also answers the age old question, if a tree falls in the woods does anyone hear it? The answer is no, but if said tree falls and crushes a car, it probably made one heck of a noise coming down. 


2. You would think that the two trains pictured here would know better than to try and make the exact same turn in total opposite directions, yet here they are bumping into each other. What a strange coincidence for them to be in the same place at the same time. 


3. So weird! This ultra-hip sports car probably never thought it would compare to the same sort of stodgy bus used to drive hundreds of people around every day. Awkward. Clearly these two should have called each other to make sure they weren’t wearing the same outfit.


4. Twinsies! This photo could only be better if the drivers of the cars got out and discovered that they were identical twins who were separated at birth. Twins who share a love of fine black SUVs. Fingers crossed that’s what happened! 


5. What are the odds this happens on the first drive? That’s exactly what happened when this new sports car owner was driving his sweet ride home for the first time. The poor driver behind him rammed right into him. Hopefully the dealer gives him sort of pity discount.


6. How do you get into an accident on a road like this? How does this happen? Were both drivers asleep? Was there some sort of contest? Maybe alien intervention? Maybe both cars fell off of an airplane that was transporting strictly used white cars? 


7. A match made in car crash heaven. There is a saying that misery loves company, and that’s never been more true than it is in this picture here. At least these crushed little coupes can be miserable together; that’s something at any rate, right? 


8. It’s like the American flag! Sort of… This very minor traffic accident didn’t leave anyone harmed, though those who passed the scene may have been heard singing “I’m Proud To Be An American” and not knowing exactly how the song got stuck in their heads. 


9. “Fancy meeting you here.” Buses have routes. Routes mean that in theory all bus drivers should have a pretty good sense of where the other buses might be traveling. You would think that would help them avoid hiccups like these, but apparently not! 


10. It’s not every day that you see two cars with the number of the beast, but on that day you must stop what you are doing, turn three times, and make some sort of burnt offerings to the higher power of your choosing, just to be on the safe side. 


11. I like to think that the owners of these cars met each other, got married, and had a beautiful life together. They already have so much in common! A love for reasonably priced automobiles, a penchant for sharing their information on their rear windshields, and a shared passion for this particular parking lot. People have gotten hitched for weirder reasons. 


12. This is a one-in-a-million chance. Which do you think came first, the cat or the woman? Just kidding, it was definitely the woman. Do you think she adopted the cat because they match or do you think she got contacts to be just like her favorite feline?


13. Did he purposely get a haircut to match his hedgehog, or did he get a hedgehog to match his haircut? Either way, this is not a duo you would want to cross in a dark alley. One might say that they are a little too spiky to be trusted. Ouch! Check out those tips! 


14. I wonder if they go to the same barber…You couldn’t tell in this photograph, but that trio is probably also holding hands under the table. Imagine all of the things those three could get into together. Here’s hoping they share one group bicycle, if simply to be adorable. 


15. Two taxis, same phone number, same crash. The real question here is when you are a taxi cab and you total your car, who on Earth do you call for a ride? It’s got to be someone who doesn’t know you or you’ll never hear the end of it. Can you imagine? 


16. Which one is the real Peter Griffin? There is no way that this could possibly be an accident. This man takes some serious pride in his resemblance to this animated cartoon dad. Which, frankly, makes one wonder about his, shall we say, intelligence?


17. This is almost too perfect. Somewhere, way up in some advertising agency’s high-end offices, an ad executive is looking out of his window, seeing this and fist pumping so hard that people in the office probably think that he is punching a ghost. 


18. They make LEGO versions of everything these days. This is definitely one to add to the bucket list — a LEGO version of yourself! What’s next, a LEGO version of your cat? Your husband? Your kids? This could be awesome, or the plot of a terrible, terrible horror movie. 


19. The body shop was running out of parts that day. You can tell that these two probably know each other and decided that this patchwork job was fine provided that they always traveled and parked together. “That way people will think it’s art.” 


20. They even have the same haircut! You would think if you already have long, straight blonde hair that you’d probably be tired of brushing it and taking care of it, but not this blonde. She’s loving her tresses so much she made sure she got a dog who matches! Unreal. 


21. When you are in a public building or private establishment, most places will have exit signs that are well-lit and easy to read to help guide you out of a building in the case of an emergency. Unless, of course, you are in this particular building. If that’s the case, well…


23. Nothing says visual irony quite like the image of a croc chomping down on a Croc. Unfortunately, this isn’t a crocodile at all, but an alligator. Still, it’s pretty darn funny. Plenty of people love wearing those shoes, but most fashionistas would leave them for croc chow!gatorNew York Daily News

24. Birds are beautiful creatures, but not everyone welcomes them, especially seagulls who are notoriously tricky when it comes to protecting any exposed snacks! This beach thought putting up a sign would keep them all at bay, but the seagull here is either a total rebel, or else, you know, he just can’t understand signs. 

birdFinding Neverland

25. Having a non-stick frying pan is an essential addition to the kitchen of anyone who enjoys cooking. That said, when you buy your non-stick pan and the sticker itself is so stuck on that getting it off seems to be impossible, it might not be a great sign of the pan’s quality, but it is some choice visual irony. irony23-600x450

26. Sometimes visual irony is so strong that it just might make a person cringe. This embarrassing truck accident? It’s definitely one of those times. When your entire motto is about not taking shortcuts, it’s got to be super awkward to try and take one and have it turn into such a disaster!

truck crashImgur

These things were practically made for each other… and why would you want it any other way?

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