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This Famous YouTuber’s Bizarre Oatmeal Hack Has Caused A Stir Among Breakfast Lovers

There are plenty of options for a delicious breakfast, but few things go down as well as a hot bowl of oatmeal. People have lots of opinions on how to turn this basic dish into a delicacy, like by adding fruit or honey, and the conversation can get surprisingly heated. In fact, a notable YouTuber got oatmeal fans talking when she revealed a strange hack on social media.

A mega-influencer

An Australian woman called Natalie Tran started the debate with a single Twitter post. She’s probably best known for her work on YouTube, as she shares videos via the so-called communitychannel account. As of 2023, those clips have earned her more than 172 million views on the platform! There is no doubt that any opinions she shares will be heard far and wide.

A risky combination

On the topic of breakfast, Tran mentioned that she added a rather unusual topping to her morning oatmeal. The ingredient itself was pretty ordinary, but the combination left some of her readers with a bad taste in their mouths. This might seem like an overreaction, but it's understandable why so many people had charged feelings. After all, oatmeal is a superfood.

Packed with vitamins and minerals

To break things down, the Healthline medical website analyzed a 78-gram serving of “dry oats.” That measurement housed a jaw-dropping amount of manganese – covering close to 200 percent of your recommended daily intake. Yes, you’re reading that correctly! You’ll also find over one-third of your daily required magnesium and phosphorus in there, too.

Bowled over

Healthline noted that the aforementioned serving had helpings of vitamins B1 and B5 as well. And you’ll also take in 51 grams of carbohydrates and 303 calories. So, it’s fair to say that porridge isn’t a one-trick pony when it comes to nutritional value. Many oatmeal fans report a particular benefit to starting their days with the stuff.