The hospital can be a pretty scary place: doctors are talking to you with large scientific words, and you’re often stuck waiting around, getting poked and pricked. Not to mention, the nerves that come from not knowing what might happen next seem to grow by the minute.

A Virginian teen named Taylor Givens learned this firsthand when something went terribly wrong with her heart. She needed professional help, and fast. But little did Taylor know that heading into the hospital that day would change her life in more ways than one.

Taylor was an average 17-year-old girl from Virginia, enjoying her senior year of high school when everything changed. Her good grades and plans to study music therapy at Radford University suddenly didn’t matter…

It was a normal day for Taylor as she sat, taking notes in class. That is until she began feeling a shortness of breath, fatigue, increased heartbeat, and spurts of anxiety and depression for no apparent reason.

Taylor and her mother went to a primary physician after school, but all they were told was that she was experiencing stress from her last year of high school. However, her symptoms persisted so much so, that Taylor was eventually admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

After a week of treatment and art therapy, doctors released her from psychiatric care. But Taylor knew something more serious than stress was affecting her. It was her body, and she could tell the diagnosis was incorrect…

Given that Taylor still had unexplained shortness of breath, fatigue, and increased heartbeat, Taylor and her mother returned to their primary physician and demanded an x-ray of her chest. When the doctor saw the results, he told her to get to a cardiologist immediately.

The next day Taylor went to the cardiologist who, after multiple tests, had her rushed to the nearest hospital. It turns out the percentage of blood being pumped from Taylor’s heart was at 10% — an average, healthy heart functions at around 60%. 

 With a heart pumping blood at such a low rate, Taylor wasn’t expected to survive more than 24 hours. The likely cause of all this? A cold virus that attacked her heart causing tissue damage and severe inflammation.

 At this point, Taylor’s only hope was to receive a heart transplant. She was placed at the top of the list — a list that people wait on for months, sometimes years… time Taylor didn’t have.

Doctors soon put Taylor on life support but after a week, her machine suddenly stopped working. As nurses were literally hand-pumping blood to Taylor’s heart, a strange twist of fate began to unfold… 

Nurses were able to correct the machine, but only after they had found a spare in a room down the hall where another patient lay. Collin Kobelja was his name, and he was about to play a role in Taylor’s life that no one could’ve predicted.

Collin had heart complications since birth — at just three days old his first heart shunt was implanted. And at 17 months, he received a heart transplant. Doctors weren’t sure if he would ever see his 5th birthday, so when Collin turned 22 years old, everyone was shocked.

But the celebrations were short-lived when Collin came down with the flu — or at least, that’s what they thought it was. When doctors performed an echocardiogram, however, the results were not ideal: Collin’s heart was failing, again. 

Now, the hospital had two young patients on the same floor who both needed new hearts. The chances of them finding just one heart were hard enough, but two? That seemed impossible.


When almost all hope was lost, a better coincidence came into play as a heart suddenly became available for Taylor… and a second for Collin. The fact that these two patients were simultaneously prepped for surgery just six hours later was almost unfathomable. 

After two long extensive heart transplant surgeries, it appeared that both Taylor and Collin’s bodies were accepting the new organ. However, Taylor soon experienced abdominal bleeding and needed additional surgery. Then, oddly enough, Collin too began to suffer as he caught pneumonia…

Since the two had gone through the same surgeries, at the same time, in the same hospital, Taylor and Collin met in passing — but they never got along. Taylor recalled Collin acting like “kind of a jerk” and Collin explained that he felt anti-social.

Eventually, they both left the hospital and tried to go back to a “normal” life. Taylor was doing great, but about one year after the surgery, Collin’s heart started to fail again. When Taylor found out about Collin’s situation, she decided to reach out…

Collin Kobelja

They began messaging back and forth and sometimes spoke on the phone after Collin’s third, and successful, heart transplant. But nearly five years after their initial surgeries, Taylor and Collin ran into each other during a routine check-up at the hospital and had something incredible happen.

They could no longer deny the coincidental paths they were on and fell for one another! Not long after that, the two started dating. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all smiles from there — Taylor was soon diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma, a type of cancer that was most likely caused by her transplant. 

Taylor stayed strong throughout her treatment and Collin stayed by her side, taking her to every treatment. The road was long and hard, but thankfully Taylor beat cancer and was finally fully in remission.

Taylor and Collin both cheated death multiple times, boldly teaching them to not ever take life for granted. With that in mind, the duo has made plans to marry and spend the rest of their happy, and hopefully healthy lives together.

Collin has since finished college and now works as a human resource coordinator, while Taylor has plans to become a public speaker — advocating for a better understanding of organ donation. They’re taking things one day at a time, feeling blessed that they can move forward together