If a predator gets lucky enough to find a meal in a particular hunting spot, chances are they’ll stick around to see what else they can find. Even if the hunter hasn’t caught anything in a while, they may still be convinced that, if they wait long enough, they’ll have a scrumptious feast soon enough.

That’s the reason why onlookers in Thailand suspected a 10-foot-long python didn’t want to leave his perch on a telephone pole where birds and other critters liked to gather. Unfortunately, he was a major fire hazard—though he didn’t seem to care.

When rescuers attempted to remove the stubborn snake, however, it proved to be easier said than done.

In Chachoengsao, Thailand, locals spotted a large python wrapped around the top of a telephone pole. The snake was stalking birds perched on the live cables, but birds were the least of the townspeople’s concern: he could easily cause an electrical fire that would cut off power to nearby homes.

snake1stickboynetwork / YouTube

Vets tried to coax the snake down, but even after one man lassoed his neck, the python wouldn’t budge.

snake2stickboynetwork / YouTube

Rescuers then turned off the power supply and began poking at him with long sticks.

snake3stickboynetwork / YouTube

When that didn’t work, they had to do exactly what they feared…

This snake knew exactly where he wanted to be, and he wasn’t going to give up his hunting spot so easily! It’s a good thing those rescuers were so brave, especially since this snake could’ve caused a whole lot of trouble for locals.

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